Tuesday, January 15, 2008


In my reading of the book "A Lamp for My Feet" by Elisabeth Elliot, recently two passages caught my attention that I wanted to share:

The Glory of God

"When God's power is manifested in the world, in his creation, or in his people, God is glorified. When we pray that our lives may glorify Him, we are asking that the self may be put down, for it is not possible to show the power of God and at the same time to glorify what George MacDonalad called "the bastard self." We must be prepared to lose ourselves, whatever that may entail, that God may be all in all. Losing an argument for His sake, losing something we held dear, losing "face," reputation, a position of power or superiority, losing a claim on someone or on his affection or respect-can these be a part of the answer to our prayer to glorify God in our lives?

Assuredly they can, for assuredly the Son Himself laid aside all such assets when He came to do the will of the Father. "I have glorified Thee on earth"(Jn 17:4 AV), He said- and that glory was manifested through weakness, loss, suffering. What a privileged position we are called to share.

Lord, lift up our eyes, away from ourselves and our small losses, up to that glory yet to be revealed. Teach us that it is only out of weakness that we are made strong, only as we suffer that we may reign, only as we lose that we may gain."

A Bondslave of Christ

"Abraham was a very wealthy man who had many servants. He himself, knowing very well what makes a good servant, was a faithful and obedient servant of God.
Nowadays most of us have never had servants and therefore have almost no notion of what it means to be one. It means first of all to have a master-that is, to belong to someone else. He can do what he wants with you; you are there to do for him. You are at his disposal. It is not for you to reason why he asks something of you; it is yours only to do it. So long as you are in his service, you are not your own (1 Cor 6:20).
Abraham was a man full of faith, obedient to his Lord, readily at his command.
Master, help me to live today according to your desires, and when I reach home may You be able to say, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'"

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