Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Promised Post...

And I bet you all were beginning to think I'd not post today. :P Random pictures from the past three or so weeks. :)

Karah has been falling asleep well before bedtime lately...this time, she had a kitten! :)
Yesterday we painted in the hallway. This was at the beginning of the job, of course. ;)
The darker color is the color we painted it. It's a little lighter now that it's dry, but still about the same. :)
Dad replaced the "hideous" (in his and Mom's words...not mine. I thought it was gorgeous) light fixture with....
A white fan. :) There's quite a bit more light in the kitchen now...
I've been practicing guitar again, consistently. :)
Micah thinks his duckies are for eating.
And his book too....Princess just thinks my leg was comfortable. :)
Micah kisses. :)
My painting attire. I think Chantel will like that sweatshirt. ;)
"Oh great! She got evidence that I like kittens!!"
"And the corner of the sofa" :)
Judah lost his first tooth....and we had a struggle to get a picture of his new smile. :D
I think that's about 3 or 4 people trying to hold him down, and open his mouth. :)
Princess was being held prisoner in Moriahs' guinea pig cage (note: for all you guinea pig lovers [and I'm not one of them...yet] there wasn't a guinea pig in the cage at the time. Moriah doesn't have any guinea pigs yet)
Karah played in the leaves with the puppies
AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! It's a Black Knight!!!!! :P Nope...Just Jeremy
The kittens love the tortilla chip box...Princess especially likes to pop out of the sides. :D
Micah loves sitting up!
And sitting next to Karah. :)
One of my porcelain dolls...this one is Rose. :)
Another of my dolls...this one is Hannah. :) Moriah and I have "twin" dolls (her's has a pink and cream colored dress) that are both named Hannah, given to us by our grandpa. :)The wall hanging Katie D. gave me for my birthday. :D
The sky... :D
Sammie is really good at sitting....and that's about it! :P Nahh....she can "stay" and "sit" but we still need to work on some other commands...
Annie is very sweet. Now if only she'll figure out what "sit" means. :P
Sarah and I redid our room. Again. :P I can't get one picture of the whole room, so I did several shots. This is what is at the foot of my bed:
Over to the right, Sarah's bed. :)
Random shot: Rocky likes to sit on that seat!
At the end of Sarah's bed, my desk:

Mine and Moriah's dresser, and the mantle.....
And my bed. :) I really need to finish my quilt so I can have fewer layers of blankets at night! lol
A few weeks ago, we made this dessert...chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate, caramel....need I say more? :)
Bunches of leaves....almost all of them are gone now. :D

Dad found a tiny field mouse! :)
Mom started feeding Micah baby cereal, since he was getting up at night to eat so much. He took to it like a duck to water. lol Well....after a few bites.... ;)
"Let me feed myself already!!"Seriously, I really want to know what breed our puppies are! :( I know they're part Border Collie, and I'm fairly certain they're at least part Rottweiler, because Annie's face definitely looks like one....I have no idea what else though. Any ideas???
And that's all. :D


  1. I LOVED all the pictures! :D
    Your room looks great (LOVE your desk!! :D), and your porcelian dolls are cute.

    Micah! Ah! So big! :) What a cutie pie! :D

    Sammie and Annie are sooooo cute. When you find out what breed they are let me know. :P

    And I'm dying for that dessert recipe! :P

  2. We're still in our old house, silly. :P Just fixing it up to get it to sell faster....

    Sam: Haha! When I finally find out what breed they are, I'll be sure to let you know. :P Oh, and if I can find the recipe, I'll send it with your letter. :)

  3. Nice pictures HannahBeth!!! :-)
    (And I have to say, that little mouse is SO cute!! hehe :-)).
    Love Ya!
    Amy :O)

  4. Oh yeah! almost forgot the field mouse; IT'S SOOOOOO CUTE!

  5. ooo, pictures! Yay! :D

    Aw, Micah's getting so big! He's really cute too. :)

    And your puppies look so cute too! I love puppies! ;)