Monday, January 28, 2008

More Money Matters

Judah continues to make me out to be more money hungry than I really am! lol
He loves to come to me, asking if I'd like him to make some lemonade for me, but he always insists that I pay him (usually he settles for a dime or a quarter, so I give in). Well, last night, he thought he'd make a bargain, and offered to make me one cup of lemonade last night, and then another one today, for 99 cents. I worried about trying to search for a bunch of pennies, so I offered him a dollar instead (yes, he does know a dollar is worth more...which makes it more confusing). No, he insisted. He wanted 99 cents. After a little arguing, I finally consented to his price, and while he ran off to make me some lemonade, I tore my room apart searching for 99 cents. I came up with all of it but one penny. One penny! How sad is that?? Everyone else was laughing at me, and when I tried explaining the really complicated situation to Daddy, he said, "Well, just go get a penny off my dresser." (I seriously think he thought I had totally lost it [my mind, not the penny!!]) Anyways, to make a really long and complicated (but funny) story short, I now find myself in debt to my nine year old brother Josiah (who was all too ready with a penny to spare, and some jokes), for .01 cents.

After you guys get done laughing your heads off at how silly that was, I dare you all to try your hand at arguing with Judah over the price of lemonade! :P


  1. lol. Well, try and tangle with my brother Jon!!! I have to pay him an entire dollar to sit with Mia the nights I want to stay up and watch "big kid" movies!! A whole dollar for him to sit next to his own sister!!! Oy.

  2. LOL! That is soooo funny! My brother makes lemonade and sells it to us too! lol!

  3. Oh wow! That was so hilarious! :-) Definitely made me smile. that is often times alot like my little siblings as well... they make life so interesting!

  4. An entire dollar to sit with his sister??!! 0_o What brother's won't do for money! *rolls eyes*
    Haha! Maddie, the funny thing is, Judah and Josiah make *such* better tasting lemonade than I do!! lol I made the lemonade today, and there were complaints basically all the way around the table. *rolls eyes* I guess it's one of their specialties. :)
    Yes!! They definitely make life very interesting! :D