Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It's 2008, now....2007 went by sooooo quickly!!! I did stay up until it was officially '08, but not doing what I was hoping to be doing, which was watching movies. We started back to school yesterday, so we had to go to bed by ten. I ended up not falling asleep until after midnight, because I was listening to music on my mp3 player. :D Me loves it!
I need to get back to my school work, but here are some of the pictures I promised:
He loves his tongue. :)

Big Grin!

This was taken by Mama on my birthday...it was before I started my nap. :)

The front of the scrapbook Sam made me...It's soooo beautiful!!!!

The first page...

And the last pages... :D
I just love it!!! :D I love your scrapbooking style Sam! :D
Me modeling the scarf, hat, and gloves Katie sent me...I didn't get a picture of the wall hanging yet, because the camera died. :(
I just realized I never posted this picture!! Penny had poked her head out from behind my curtain, and Princess climbed behind the curtain to go after her...Moriah just happened to take a picture at just the right moment! We've got a really long kitty. ;)

Argh! Some of the pictures got messed up....
Here's the huge pile of leaves we've got...it's tons bigger than this: that's just a small portion of it. :)

"We Three Kitties" :)
See my quilt!!!!! :D It is soooo nice and warm, and I love it! Thanks Sam!!! Our camera doesn't do it justice.. :(
I love the butterfly squares! :D

Off to do my school work!


  1. lol. I'm so glad you liked them both! :) *hugs*

  2. I liked the pictures of Micah; and the picture of Penny and Princess behind the curtain was VERY funny!!
    Cool Scrapbook!!!! I LOVE the butterfly squares too!!