Thursday, January 17, 2008

God's Jewel Mine

"Job 28: 3: He setteth an end to darkness.

These words are spoken of the miner who is searching for precious stones, which are buried in the dark mine. He goes into these dark places and lights them, and so ends the darkness--and he finds the jewels hidden there.
We are here to do that very thing, We have for light the presence and promises of God. There may be someone whom we are trying to help; we are trying to bring out of the dark mine of that personality precious jewels for our Lord. Perhaps we are terribly tempted to despair, because of continual disappointments and what seems like hopeless weakness of character. But we are not alone. The search, the long effort, is lighted by the presence of our God. He is not baffled by personality. His promises are light.
So let us go on, despairing of no man, for the jewel mine is His. He died to purchase it. Behold, all souls are mine is His word (Ezekiel 18:4)."

Amy Carmichael in her book Whispers of His Power

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