Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little cuties

I decided this weeks' theme would be Little Cuties....It was going to be just Micah, but Dad got the cutest picture of Karah, so I decided to do separate posts for them later. ;)

Micah is very, um.....silly when he first wakes up. :)
Also a little defensive...
And cuddly! :D
Jeremy says he looks like an elf in this one. I don't care...this is my favorite! :D
Sunday, she was eating some of her candy while Dad finally got to play around with the camera. :D

More pictures soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Dad requested some natural colored pictures (Even after just one post of my experiments with color effects!! :P ), so here are some pics I took yesterday. :)

Micah :D He's crawling literally everywhere, trying to pull himself up to stand, and sits himself up from being on his stomach!

And he loves looking at lights! ;)

And chewing on his toys. :D

Sarah and I cleaned our room, and I've been taking pictures of each of the rooms in case we list our house online...Mom called one of the people who've expressed serious interest in our house, but she's not called back yet.

Sarah's bed is on the left, with pretty much all her things besides clothes piled on her headboard, and at the foot of her bed. :)

"My Corner", with my desk, sewing machine/supplies, guitar, and school stuff. Then my dresser, and my "chocolate" bunny (just painted, unfortunately she's not real chocolate) on our mantle. :)

My bed, with my knitting box (where I keep my knitting things and projects....and a bunch of other things), and my "HopeChest" at the end of my bed (it's really just a red chest that I use as a HopeChest). :)
My wardrobe/closet (which not only houses some clothes and shoes, but also a bunch of junk that I can't bear to part with, or don't want to pack! :P ), and our laundry hamper...oh, and Karah's hair clip ribbon hangs on our door. :D

Neither one was very thrilled to have the camera in their face again. :/
It looks as though I will be attending a community college near where we're moving to, starting either next fall or spring, to study cosmetology. :) I'm praying if God doesn't me to that I'll not get accepted and everything just won't work out, but otherwise, I'll be going. :) Prayers please!!!
My stack of current reads...*cough* I got "Through Gates of Splendor" and "Quest for Love" in the mail from PBS after waiting nearly a month for both, so I had to start them right away! :D If I seem like my head is in the clouds lately, it's because I'm lost in the jungles of Ecuador going on missionary flights with Jim Elliot and Nate Saint over Auca territory! :D My "soon to be read"s :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've decided to take pictures with different "themes" such as different colors, shapes, flowers, girls, boys, etc, each week to post, so here's my first one. Of course, the theme if purple. :P

Purple stripes in the laundry basket
Purple coats...and one mean look!
Purple Pansies :D
Purple flip-flops
The purple girl hit her head
Umm...not really a "purple" shot, but it was too cool not to post. ;)

Purple pillow
Purple pincushion
Purple Books...
A comforter...

The journal I made, using Livi's bee. :D
The back:
More stripes...on Grandma's blanket
Purple Bookmarker

Monday, March 17, 2008

Heh heh...my Regency gown!!! :D

Two pictures of my regency gown. :D It was a bit dark when Mom was taking the pictures, so I'll have her try again tomorrow when it's lighter. ;)
Front view(I was wearing the sash as a headband..):

Back View(forgive the poorly tied drawstring...that's what happens when you decide it'll be faster to do it yourself than to ask for help!):
Mikey and Moriah
I think Rocky was getting tired of all the pictures
My little flower plot...one of two. :) Mom bought some pansies and dwarf marigolds at the store today.

I've been making tons of these flower pincushions. :D

Need I say anything??? :D

Trying out the really cool color effects :D
Personal fave ;)

I've already taken.....about 200 pics and vids. *blush* The others are laughing at me, calling me "camera crazy." :D The mail lady had better be glad it wasn't me who noticed she was putting a box on our porch: I just might have knocked her over in my enthusiasm. ;) More pics later....when I can bear to tear myself away from it. :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An evening in the dark

Yesterday evening, we had some major thunderstorms come through our area, with tornado warnings and watches nearly all evening and into the wee hours of the morning.

Amy and I have started recently doing a bible study together, and we meet to chat on Tuesday evenings. I'd e-mailed her earlier in the day to let her know I might not make it because of the storms.

Around 6:45pm, Moriah and I were online (doing what else? Looking at cameras), when all of a sudden, the screen and lights flickered, and our power went out. The alarm across the street started blaring, and the only source of light we had was our one working flashlight, and Mom's cellphone light. After she called the outage in, we all went to the livingroom to wait for the power to come back on. Mom had Jeremy go outside with the flashlight to look for the matches he'd left outside, while Moriah, Mom and I started searching for candles, hoping we'd left at least a few unpacked.

Jeremy couldn't find the matches. He thinks the dogs got them and hid them under the barn (just lovely!!). Fortunately, Mom found some in a cupboard, and we lit the few candles we could find. Micah was as happy as could be, in the dark, but Karah was quite scared. Once the candles were lit, she felt a bit better, though.

None of our radios had batteries, so we had to resort to using my mp3 player to listen to the radio for warnings.
To pass the time, I taught Moriah how to swing dance, then we kids played Twister, Dr. Pretzel (a very fun game: if you've never played it, ask me, because you should!! *grin*), Simon Says, and a whole bunch of other games. We finally got sick of playing games, and Mom called the company to see if there were any updates about when we'd get our power back on.

Just as she hung up, the lights all came on! :D And, it was literally only 3 minutes before Amy and I were supposed to chat!!

As I started up the laptop, I prayed, "Please let the power stay on at least until we're finished with our Bible study!"
Our study time went well, then as we began to talk about other things, all of a sudden the storm started back up, and I had to shut the laptop back down.

Coincidence? I don't think so. ;) Isn't God amazing?

Monday, February 25, 2008

A few pictures...

Here are a few pictures that I never got posted(and no, that doesn't mean our camera is fixed... :( )...

We're painting the porch and front of the house...Sarah and I worked on this section weekend before last:
Sarah decided to paint her face. :) (One side was an accident, the other side she did on purpose)
Since I scared a few of you into thinking I'd cut my hair, this is how long it really is. :P I'm thinking about cutting it though... ;)
My hand got painted too.
Daddy and Karah got the mail. :D
Sarah was singing for Karah, while videoing Micah, and Micah apparently wanted Daddy. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Due to being able to find a couple of low-life batteries, and Mom buying more batteries today (we'll have to order a charger....), I have pictures to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

The invitation for the girls.....Mom joined us too. :D Oh, and both times are incorrect...we ended up waiting until 7:00pm, because I forgot we had a chiropractor appointment in the afternoon.
The boys's invitation:
The puppies were watching Karah and I pick flowers today:

A pic from Sunday....this was before the camera officially "died." Moriah's wearing the dress I made her...I made a skirt out of the leftover material for myself. :)
Waiting in the van for Dad to come out with the realtor.

Sisters (Moriah took the picture)
Having tea. :D

We found some more fabric today....and I made Karah a sundress out of it. :D
Both the boys and the girls seemed to really enjoy the treasure hunt/tea party. :D