Saturday, December 8, 2007

Want some tea?

Yesterday while out shopping, Mom decided to stop at Goodwill....and I'm so glad she did!!!! Below are my finds:
My new prized tea cup!! I love it. :D

I got three of these:

And a tea pot, matching sugar holder, and a third kind of tea cup. :D

He just looks so cozy... :)
Besides Rocky....can you figure out which is which? lol

Caught in the act....Naughty naughty! *shakes finger*
Really blurry....the other night, when it was my turn to help with Micah (we each have days for helping with him during meal preparations), I read to him and Karah until dinner was ready....I think they both enjoyed it, even if he did pay more attention to chewing/biting on my fingers than the stories! :)
On Monday we're finally taking the kittens to the vet, getting color ink so we can print the newsletter (FINALLY!!!), and I am also planning on doing some reading. :D This afternoon Mom, Dad, Micah and I went to look at our neighbors' puppies (you know...the ones Dad and the other kids looked at before we got the kittens, and they decided we weren't getting them??), and I think we might be getting one! :D Mom even thought they were that's a big plus. :) They ARE really cute....and I do hope we can get one, as long as Mom and Dad will let it stay OUTSIDE this time, rather than inside....I don't ever want the hassle of a larger dog inside our small house again!!! lol


  1. oh, I love first tea cup HannahBeth! It's so pretty! :D And the tea pot and other cups are really pretty too. :D
    That would be really neat if you were able to get one of your neighbor's puppies! :D

  2. Oh, gosh! That first teacup? We have a set of teacups, plates, tea plates, and sandwich plates, etc. for it! lol. :D

    What adorable kittens! lol. Oooh, neat! Puppies! :D

  3. What pretty teacups!

    I also forgot to reply about your Nano comment last time. Whoops. Congrats for getting so far with your word count! And best wishes for finishing - it's always nice having other people with the same goals. :-)