Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm pathetic...

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging for a few days....but apparently every time I *announce* a break, I find things to post, and when I actually *do* take a break, I do it rather randomly without letting anyone knowing, and therefore getting myself into tons of trouble. lol Oh well! You'll just have to endure another post! :P A "potpourri" post, if you will. ;)
This afternoon, Karah and I went outside to take was raining a bit. :)

I think she was looking at Judah...anyhow, I loved her expression! :)
Sarah has been making tea cloths (she embroiders them, I hem them) to give as gifts...they're pretty! :D
Karah has gotten soooo tall recently, so yesterday we pulled out all her too-short dresses, and brought in some that actually fit her. :) I think this one is her favorite...
Smiley Little Guy :D
Today Sarah and I were even more "twins" :) I have two dresses that are nearly matching entirely, and she wanted us to match, so we wore them for church today. :) Mr. Brian (our worship leader) had some of us "kids" (*ahem* I was the oldest one up there....but I guess I could still be called a kid) sing today, since we did mostly Christmas carols/hymns. :) We might do it again next week...
Being silly....
My girly babies. :D They *finally* like their dog house!! Oh....I don't remember if I ever said this, but they're outside dogs. :)
She loves that tree!
I blinded him as he came out of his room. :D Jeremy looks so dazed! lol
Our tree....
Mommy's roses. :)
Twirly skirt!!
The calendar that took me two hours to put together! :) I'm actually happy with how it turned out...
Katie, you can see my Blue Friday outfit. :D And a cute cat, to boot! ;)
Yesterday I got another birthday present in the mail!!!!!! :D Mom almost didn't give it to me: "Wait until your birthday to open it!" But what's the fun in that??!!! ;) It was from my penpal Rachel (VA). :D It was soooo sweet of her...and also a reminder that I've not replied to her letter yet!!! 0_0 Got to get working on that!!!
The box contained: tea!!! :D A whole box...all for myself!!!
Beautiful looking and smelling, potpourri! :D I just wish this picture could be a scratch'n'sniff so you could smell it!!! :D
And a beautiful scarf!!! :D It actually matches one that Sam made for Karah (I think it was Sam....), so now we have matching scarves! :D
I finally have mastered french braiding my own hair!! :D Now I have to work on doing two french braids... :)
I've been seeing a lot of boxes around here this week.....

Because......we're moving. :) Daddy found out this past week that he got a permanent job with a company in Greensboro, and he starts working for them on the 7th of next month. It's only two and a half hours away, so it's not that big of a deal to me. :D The only thing I don't look forward to about moving will be having to pack everything up and move it. Again. I know it's been two years since we last moved, but we have a LOT of stuff: heavy stuff!! Not to mention I can never decide what I DO need right now, and what I DON'T need, or can do without for about six months to a year. :/ I'm a minor packrat (Sarah is the major one...*wink*), and I have a hard time getting rid of things....packing things is second to getting rid of things, so it's nearly equally as hard. I spent a good portion of yesterday packing some things in mine and Sarahs' room (she helped a bit, but went out running errands with Daddy for awhile), and so far I've been really strict with myself as far as putting things in boxes, even if it means having barely anything in my room besides the basic necessities. I've decided I'm NOT going to wait until the last minute, and spend the last two or three weeks before moving scurrying around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to pack all the things I thought I would need but never even thought about, like I did last time. That was NOT a pleasant way to spend the last days of our time in our old house, and I'm not going to allow myself to do that again. :) I'm looking forward to searching for a new house (call me crazy, but I really enjoy looking at other me lots of ideas!!!), getting a new room (and painting it *before* we move in...instead of moving in and forever speculating about when it'll get painted) possibly all to myself ( know what happened the *last* time I got my own room....After awhile I got lonely and had each of my sissies take turns "rooming" with me....oh! And the other day, Mom and I were talking about that, and we realized that I have shared a room with every single one of my siblings at one point or another! :) When Jeremy and I were really little we shared, I've almost always shared the the other girls, and when Josiah and Judah were in cribs they slept in we girls', now Micah *has* to share my room for at least a month to keep my record going!), meeting new people/making new friends, finding new activities to do (maybe library work again? Babysitting jobs?), and having new places to take pictures. :D I'm definitely going to miss my friends, and our church family, but I'm not going to die without them...and we'll not be too far away to visit once in awhile. :) Besides that, one of the families from our church (the other homeschooling family...Katie's family) is possibly going to be moving to Raleigh, so we won't be too far from them. :)

Anyways, there's my "breaking my blogging break" post. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just wanted to say...

I'll not be posting (well...that's not very new for me lately, I suppose) here until at least this coming Wednesday...just until Christmas is over. :) Taking a blogging hiatus....I'll still be online a bit, but not nearly as much as usual. Have a Merry Christmas, to those of you who celebrate! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

As promised...

As I promised a few people, here are pictures of what I got for my birthday (the video Daddy took of me opening my presents was way to long for me to upload. :( )
This is the copy of "Our Mutual Friend" that Mom and Dad bought's really old: no copyright at all. The pages are yellowing, but it's in really good condition. :D

Here's most of what I got....the book I showed above, plus "Bleak House," "Nicholas Nickelby," "Raising Maidens of Virtue," and "Wives and Daughters", the movie "North and South", some chocolates, my pretty card from Daddy and Mama, my picture frame from Katie, my purple blanket (it's sooooo warm and cozy, and big!!! *grin*) from Lauren, and my two patterns from Mom and Dad!!! I got a pattern for Regency gowns from, and an underthings pattern....I'm soooo anxious to make my own P&P gown!!! :D It actually looks quite easy...I'm just worried about picking the right fabrics... ah well! My cute kitty calendar from Katie! :D purple sweater from Lauren (I wore it to church's really warm, comfortable, and I love it!), and my MP3 player from my parents!!! It's really small, and I love it! :D

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Care for a cup of tea??

I had my birthday party this was FUN!!! :D Lauren, Katie, and Rebecca came, and we had tons of sugar... :D I loved all of my gifts!!!!! I got several books (I'm mostly going gaga over the really old copy of Our Mutual Friend!!!!), the movie "North and South" (yayness!!), an MP3 player (*screams*), a really pretty sweater (purple...from Lauren :D ) and a purple really soft blanket (also from Lauren), as well as a kitty calendar, picture frame, and some chocolate from Katie!! :D Oh, and Daddy also bought me the balloons you see in the first picture (three purple ones, and one that says "Happy Sweet 16th Birthday" (at least, that's what I think it might not say "Sweet", and some red roses. :D

I don't have a very good picture of each of the girls, so these will have to do. :)
Lauren is the one who blinked (in the black and white striped shirt), Rebecca is the blonde...pointing at Lauren, and Katie is eating something. :)
See my roses? :D
My cake!!!! :D
Before the party, I managed to curl my hour later it was completely straight again, so I didn't have curly hair at my tea party. lol Here's one of the curly hair pics Sarah got....before it straightened itself out again. :)

And here's a video from while we were having our tea... :)
I'll try to get pictures of my books and stuff later...oh and the candles we made!!! :D

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Want some tea?

Yesterday while out shopping, Mom decided to stop at Goodwill....and I'm so glad she did!!!! Below are my finds:
My new prized tea cup!! I love it. :D

I got three of these:

And a tea pot, matching sugar holder, and a third kind of tea cup. :D

He just looks so cozy... :)
Besides Rocky....can you figure out which is which? lol

Caught in the act....Naughty naughty! *shakes finger*
Really blurry....the other night, when it was my turn to help with Micah (we each have days for helping with him during meal preparations), I read to him and Karah until dinner was ready....I think they both enjoyed it, even if he did pay more attention to chewing/biting on my fingers than the stories! :)
On Monday we're finally taking the kittens to the vet, getting color ink so we can print the newsletter (FINALLY!!!), and I am also planning on doing some reading. :D This afternoon Mom, Dad, Micah and I went to look at our neighbors' puppies (you know...the ones Dad and the other kids looked at before we got the kittens, and they decided we weren't getting them??), and I think we might be getting one! :D Mom even thought they were that's a big plus. :) They ARE really cute....and I do hope we can get one, as long as Mom and Dad will let it stay OUTSIDE this time, rather than inside....I don't ever want the hassle of a larger dog inside our small house again!!! lol

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Pictures... :)

The pictures I promised yesterday! :D Finally Blogger is letting me upload them! :)

This is one of the pages Sarah made...we scrapbooked for awhile last night, and she made her first page. :) We're planning on doing some more again this evening. :D
One of my pages...
The kitties love sleeping in the laundry basket...
Hello! :)
Someone decided to curl up in the lid to my box of pictures to watch us work!
Then he decided my lap is more comfy. ;)
My favorite page... :D Sarah and I worked on this one together....I think each of the pictures needs a little explaining: the one of myself hugging Jeremy (when we were like 3 and 1 1/2)...I was young and innocent then. ;) The top right corner is Moriah and a friend giving her bunny ears.....the one of the baby with the cowboy hat is Judah (now 7) when he was about four or five months old, riding our rocking horse, the baby at the desk is me, doing my "schoolwork" (my babysitters' children were all in high school, so I was the only little one around...I wanted to do school too, so she bought that desk, and gave me "schoolwork" to do), the baby on the bottom is Judah, again at around four or five face is all blue because he *cough* got ahold of a blue marker. And the last picture, is me in a very special dress (which we still have) that my babysitter (who is like our grandmother) made for me....on the bottom of the apron, she used buttons and embroidery to make musical notes. :)