Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh my!

It seems I've taken an unannounced blogging break. lol Well, really it would be more like an internet break, only that I have been on the internet, just not for very long periods of time, and not very often....and most of it has been writing in my NaNo story, which is going great, except for the fact that I am 7,000 words behind where I should be right now. :/ Here's some pictures from my past week, until I can get a *real* post together! ;)

Dad and I took another walk at the park with a lake...It was getting near sunset, so I took the chance to take some sunset pictures! :D

Lots of geese!
One of the ducks...
Another duck.. :)
Anyone have any idea what kind of duck (or goose) this is? I've never seen one like it before...
The other night, we played hide and seek in the dark: outside! :D It was a lot of fun, and I got a few pictures...
karah hid with me most of the time. :)
Josiah was coming to get me, because I scared him when I took a picture as he passed by. :D

Micah was outside for a few minutes before we started the game. :)
Choosing who was going to count first...
Dad worked on the bench (which is finally finished!!!!! Except that I still have to sew part of the inner lining, and the cushion...) while we played...I don't know why he wore shorts!! It was freezing out!
Poor Judah got very cold while waiting for the others to decide who would count first. :)
A few days ago I took Micah outside when he got fussy...he loves the outdoors so much. :) He's just really still and calm when we take him's wonderful!

Introducing...the duck whisperer!! (aka my Dad. lol)


  1. *howls* loved the video. :D
    Keep working, girl, you'll make it in Nanowrimo. We have to do some word wars soon...

  2. Hey HannahBeth!
    Thats great that your story it going good! :-)
    I like ducks!! :-)
    Love, Amy :O)

  3. only 7,000 words behind... not bad! :-) ;)'s much better than I would've done probably. And I am sure your story is fantastic sounding! I wanna read it when you are done! if you'll let me! love the pictures!!