Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My "Babies"!!!!

Here's some more pictures of my "babies", for those of you who've asked. :)

"Kitty tell-apart 101" This is Penny. She looks almost exactly like her sister Princess (we are still getting them mixed up ourselves on occasion...we plan on getting different color collars for them to make it easier! Personalities also help...but not often!), but, she has less orange in her fur...and a copper stripe on her nose (hence the name Penny). :) She is *very* shy, and likes to be alone...she does like to play with her brother and sister, but mostly likes to play by herself, since she gets excluded.

Princess is the other girl...she looks like Penny, but has more orange in her fur: on her chest, and paws. :) She's very out-going, adventurous, tom-boyish, and loves to play. Hard! She is officially MY girl, and loves to sleep in my bed with me. :D She loves to pounce on her brother (and sometimes her sister) when they're sleeping, to get them to play with her.
Rocky (name pending...we're trying to come up with a better name...) is the boy, and I'm so glad he doesn't look a lot like his sisters! lol He's friendly and playful, but also likes to be very independent. This is his favorite toy...besides his sisters' tails. ;)
Me and my girl....
Princess loves watching us type! :D That's Sarah she is watching there...
Karah finally got to hold Princess! :D
Penny is so cute when she drinks! I love the effect in the water....

Rocky and (as always)

My girl and I....again...
Penny loves string....particularly "purple" string. :)
They all love to sleep under my bed....on my suitcase (don't ask why!)
I'll have pictures of all the goodies Mom and I will be making for Thanksgiving, tomorrow. :D Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! *hugs*


  1. AWWWWWW!!! Those pictures are sooooooo cute!!! :-) Thanks so much for posting them!!! I love them!! :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :-)
    Love you!
    Amy :O)

  2. Thanks to you too Moriah!! :-) *Hugs*

  3. Your welcome! *hugs*