Monday, October 1, 2007

What a Day....

Today is Mrs. Judy's birthday, so we decided to take a surprise trip down to visit her! :D Mrs. Julyn and her two kids were there already, and we had a wonderful time with them...and we completely surprised Mrs. Judy! lol Not to mention, I think she liked her gifts. :)

The ride there, and the ride back, were interesting...a certain someone under the age of two months ( that a good enough clue?? lol) was tired, and decided to scream to let us know. :) But..............

He went from this (aka *screaming* at the top of his lungs):
To this....all in a matter of seconds.....How did we accomplish this feat, when neither pacifier nor AC would work??
We did this (in case you can't tell....we were singing..."Jesus Loves Me" to be exact...):

The rest of us were kept happy with our blow-pops, thanks to our Aunt Martha! :D I don't like blow-pops...especially ones that are that big (it hurts my jaw too much), so I had one of the Jolly Rancher pops. :D
Little Miss Sticky Face...

And Miss Blue-Tongue. :)

Mrs. Judy and the apron I made for her birthday. Sarah made her a very pretty photo frame and door hanger (which I don't have pictures of...), and Judah gave her his handprint. :)


  1. Heh, Jewels is like that too sometimes. :) So we sing ALOT to her...we sing all the songs we can think of just to keep her quiet. :D

  2. lol! Yeah, he changed instantly from screaming and crying to being quiet and sleeping!

  3. "Little-Miss-Sticky Face"?
    "Miss Blue-Tongue"?
    Those are odd names to be calling Sarah and Karah.