Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Has been the main activity I've been doing lately! :) Every day I've been taking some of the younger ones for walks down the lane, and yesterday afternoon Daddy took me to two of the parks here to walk. :D He had two weeks worth of time to make up to me, since he didn't have a chance to spend my time with me last week (one week= 30 minutes of time with him....so I had a whole hour). We first went to a park which I've been wanting to go to ever since we moved here, but never have, as it doesn't have a play-place or anything for younger children....just walking/jogging paths, and...a cemetery!!! :D I'd never been to one before (this is where all you romantics faint....), so the first thing we did was walk around through the cemetery for about a minute. Dad thinks cemeteries are creepy, and only went in with me to satisfy my curiosity, so I tried to keep it short. ;) Looking at all the old grave stones was really neat...most of the people buried there died during the 1940s.....I think it'd be really neat to find the grave of some long ago ancestor, but, seeing as neither of my parents is even from NC, let alone our area, it's highly unlikely I'll find any...unless I had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War, and was buried here....I know I know! I'm going out on a limb, but it is possible! ;) Anyhow....this headstone was quite sad:
This baby boy only lived a day. :(

Some of the scenery during our walk...
Part of the river...see how low that water is?! :(
Daddy....probably looking into the bushes by the trail. We kept hearing rustling...I think it was squirrels, he says it was "something that bites" :)This was at the second "park" we went to....all these geese and ducks (there were tons more than are in this picture) were hanging around a couple who was feeding them. :) I would have many more pictures, but my batteries died.... *sighs*
Karah took this one on one of our walks. Mom bought a carry-pack (I've no idea what the technical name is...), so I brought Micah in it. He liked it until we were almost back to the house, when he started getting too hot. :)
He's getting so big!!!


  1. That's sad, the boy that only lived for a day, I mean. :( I love that park with the geese!

  2. Ooohh, I LOVE cemetaries. :) I know it may sound gruesome, but I do truly love cemetaries. They're always so peaceful, so full of inspiration!!! :D

  3. *laughs* Yeah, they are definitely safe! :D
    Yes!! They are definitely full of inspiration Sam! I've already got ideas rolling around in my head for stories about some of the people whose graves we saw...

  4. that poooooooooooooor boy!
    Love the pictures Hannah!