Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Week At Camp

Here is a long (it coulda been longer!!!) post of pictures of my week at camp. :) Moriah and I went to a girls' camp at Moutain Top Youth Camp, which is on Sauratown Mountain (hence the name "Mountain Top"), and has a gorgeous view of Pilot Mt. and the Blue Ridge Mountains! :D My pictures got all mixed up when I was uploading them to Blogger (which took over an hour....good thing I'm not posting all 431 of them!), so it's going to be mixed up blogging for me today. :)

This was yesterday morning, right before we all began to leave. Two girls made cards for the camp directors, Mrs. Blessman (on the left) and Mrs. Foster (on the right), and all the girls at camp signed them. Sorry it's kinda blurry...
Mom picked us up yesterday, and brought Sarah and Micah with her, so guess who got to hold my Froggy! :D Beth, I think he likes you!! ;)
My friend Rachel, who I met last year, was there as well! :D
Friday night we had a tea party and Sacred Concert....When BethNell had to go up on stage for one of her pieces, I got to hold Ruthie(her little sister)! :D The sweet girl was so tired, she fell asleep in my arms (aw!!! :D), and I was able to watch the rest of my cabin "perform" our song! lol Thank you, Stephanie, for taking pictures for me!! And you too BethNell! :D *hugs* to you both!
Mrs. McKinney (my quilting teacher) and I after the tea(it struck midnight just as we looked at the time!). Josie (a really creative, sweet, and talented girl) had made a card for her that looked like the quilt square we made in class, and all the girls from quilting signed it....she had just given her the card, so she was crying as Rachel tried to get a picture for me! :) Mrs. McKinney and Stephanie Foster did an excellent job teaching all of us girls how to quilt, and I want to thank them both for the time they invested in teaching us!! And I'd also like to thank Stephanie for letting me know I made a mistake on my square, before I went any further! You saved me a lot of work! lol :)
Moriah and I yesterday morning, before we left.
Lydia Foster, Moriah, and Michala...."the three stooges" as I call them. :) They are all three bouncy, lively, loud, talkative, totally catch my drift? ;)
Kayleigh C. (Yes, Sam, the Kayleigh you know!!!), BethNell and myself, yesterday morning.

Me and my new friend Ashlie. :D She's such a sweet girl! :)
Mrs. Foster the night of the tea. I love her gown!!! :D
Rebecca Blessman, BethNell, and Rachel doing a trio for the was beautiful!! :)
Ashlie played the piano and sang a song she wrote (I believe it's the one she wrote...). It was so beautiful!!!
The girls from our cabin singing and signing to Spirit of the Living God....

Me and Rachel....just look at that view!!!
Miss Esther (also one of my counselors), myself, and Mrs. Dreama. They were the teachers for Grab Bag (my ministry class), which both Moriah and I took. Mrs. Dreama is, as always, the creative and fun lady, so her class was extremely exciting, expecially as no one, not even the directors, knew what her class would be about until she started teaching it! lol Her theme was "Does My Life Make God Look Good?", and boy was it ever a learning experience!! I learned so much from her class, and had tons of fun in the process! :D One of our activities I have pictured was very interesting! :) I love you Mrs. Dreama! :D
Mrs. Shelley Hendry was our speaker for Friday, and for the whole afternoon she did a book reading, and those of us who weren't in classes were free to attend it. We read through several chapters of Hinds' Feet on High Places, and it was so much fun to listen to it read aloud. :)
Ashlie and I before the tea party began! We were practicing our song together...
BethNell at our table. :D The ladies did a superb job of decorating the chapel was so beautiful!!

Ashlie posed for Moriah (or was it Lydia???.....Moriah, Lydia, and Michala were all in the same cabin [along with me, BethNell, Ashlie...Grace....] so it was an interesting week! lol) whilst teaching me the rest of the signs to "In Christ Alone", the hymn we signed and sang to, along with a group of girls who just sang, for the concert! Thursday night they had a camp-wide game of Capture the Flag, and neither Ashlie nor I had the energy to go, so we stayed in our cabin with Mrs. Smith, and she taught me the signs to the song! :D I knew some of the basic signs, but she taught me the rest, and did an excellent job of it! Thanks Ashlie! *hugs*
Moriah and Michala doing what they do best....talking over one another...and talking fast! ;) I love you both! :D
Mine and Moriah's gardening class. :D Mrs. Shelton (at the very back of the photo), and Mrs. Smith were the teachers, and I learned so much from them...I'm working on planning a garden that my Mom, Moriah and I can begin in the spring! :D Ruthie (BethNell's little sister) joined us on the last day to plant her own herb garden. :)
Lydia got me after I took my shower...I think a love of photography runs in the Foster family...last year I handed Maddie my camera and had tons of pictures, and this year it was Lydia! lol :D
Kayleigh and I

This was during my quilting class....another girl, I think her name was Kayla, started taking pictures while I quilted...I love the ones she took! She's a really good photographer, and I wish I'd asked her for some tips on how to work with me camera! lol
Fixing my braids...
One afternoon during the wait for the dinner bell, several of the girls started up a Virginia Reel! :D
Abigail and Caroline...they were so sweet and funny! :D Caroline (the one in pink) called me "HannahCakes".... :)
Thursday night was skit night....Laura, the girl on the right with her back turned, had a game planned out called Ad-Lib, and it was hilarious!!!!! how the girls weaved tales from her basic ideas! :D I liked Ashlie's best...she was a "Mad Scientist" (with an awesome german accent!), and the story she concocted on the spur of the moment was so funny we were all quoting it the rest of the week. :) Sorry this picture is camera wasn't working well with the lighting...I wish I'd gotten a video of their performance!!
Elisa was our pianist for most of the Bible sessions, and did a wonderful job! :)
I believe it was Thursday night, we had a campfire , and sang songs while Laura and another girl played their guitars! :D
Moriah, Lydia, and Michala
BethNell's younger brother and sister, Benji and Ruthie, with Michala and Moriah, eating candy. :)
Hannah and Hannah! :) There were at least 4 or 5 Hannahs at camp, but these were the only ones in my cabin. :D Fortunately, most of the girls called me HannahBeth so I wasn't too confused....:)
BethNell, Kayleigh, Rachel and myself on our hike to the top of the mountain!! :D Our hike was on Wednesday afternoon, and we ate supper at the top of the mountain, then hiked back to the lodge and main campgrounds area.
The climb was quite steep in some parts! :)

Told you the pictures got mixed up...this is on the way down! :D
Mrs. Foster and Ruthie...too cute to pass up! :)
BethNell said Ruthie looked like a tired, worn traveler....isn't she adorable!? :D
We had a breathtaking view of the sunset every evening...gorgeous!

The view from the top of the mountain...or part of it, at least. ;) If you enlarge this picture, you can slightly see a city in the distance (which you could see much better in person). For safety purposes, I won't say what town it was...but I thought it was neat that we could see a town at least an hour's drive away, from the top of the mountain! :D
Me, Kayleigh, Rachel, and Beth at the top of the mountain....poor Moriah played camera tag, taking pictures of the four of us as fast as she could, switching from camera to camera with lightning speed, as they had just told us it was time to start back down the mountain! :)
Beth and I on top of the world. :)
Lydia and I.....she's only 11, and is already taller than me. :/ Love you Lydia! :D
Pilot Mountain...

Michala and Moriah, eating what they love best, and need least: sugar!

Mr. Hilton, one of the Moutain Top directors, who led us on the hike, talking about the American Chestnut Tree, which is an endangered tree. :)
More of the view on top of the world....

One of the sunsets.....
Moriah working on her silk ribbon embroidery. The classes she took were: Gardening, Grab Bag, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery, and I took Gardening, Grab Bag, and Quilting. :)
A "perfect" shot of my back, and Rebecca Blessman, as we chatted over lunch...
Camp rules: you have to sing something in order to get your packages! Mrs. McKinney was the only one who got a package the whole week, and had to sing for us. :D
Ashlie, myself, and Beth at one of the evening Bible sessions. We had a morning and evening Bible session every day, and Mrs. Blessman & Mrs. Foster were our speakers, with the exception of Friday, when Mrs. Hendry came to speak. :) All three were excellent, and I know I learned sooooo much from each of their teachings!!!

Poor Grace....she had to do math homework while we were there...and obviously got quite tired! She, Ashlie, myself and Beth were the only girls (minus our counselors) in our cabin over 15....the rest of the girls were between 11-14. :)
Beth, me and Rachel
Ruthie.. :D
Another picture of the view...

A view of Pilot Moutain from the lodge...
Moriah took of picture of me looking out at the was so pretty at night, when you could see all the lights, but I couldn't get a picture of it. :(
Beautiful flowers....
This is the activity I mentioned quite a ways above this....we had to build a tower of marshmallows and either toothpicks or straws. It was to teach us that the small things in our lives can make us so much stronger, as the toothpicks made the tower stronger than the straws did. This was my teams' tower. :D
Rachel and I
This was the view I had on the way to camp....the sky was filled with beautiful, big, puffy clouds, and a gorgeous blue! :D

Me, Daddy, and Moriah on our way there...
I got a picture of Pilot Mt. on our way there. :D On our way up the mountain to the campgrounds, Dad kept looking over the edge of the very narrow road, without braking, so I was quite nervous on the way up! lol Especially since there is nothing to keep you from going off the road...except for the trees...
Sunday evening, our first night at camp, we had an adventure, of the mousy kind. Lydia (or one of the other younger girls...can't remember which!) spotted it under someone's bunk, and so the chase began! Not before almost all the girls got some screams and shrieks, and some dashes for bunks in, of course. ;) To make a long story short, it ended with all of us girls in the bathroom, while Mr. Hilton came in and caught it with a mouse trap. Most of the girls still believe poor Timothy (that is what the girls named him) was only caught and set free, but alas, he is in mouse heaven, and has been for some time. :/
The view....again...

Here are two videos from my week....
This is of the mouse chase...I can't help but giggle as I watched it just now! :D
Moriah took this video on Friday night of Ashlie and I signing to "In Christ Alone" as another group of girls sang it. Originally, they had planned on singing it, and we had just planned on getting a group of girls together to sing it while we signed, but when Ashlie found out they were already planning on singing it, we kind of just combined together. :) I wish we'd gotten the whole song on video, but Moriah had to rush over to my table to get the camera, and so missed the whole first verse, but she got the last three, so... :) I only was able to learn three of the verses before the tea began, so Ashlie and I signed the first verse together, then she did the second, I the third, and we both did the last one...I made a bunch of mistakes, but we both had such fun doing it, and it was a wonderful experience, as was the whole night! I'll never forget all the memories I made with all those girls/ladies!
Whew! It's taken me over two hours to get this whole post together!!! lol Good thing I love blogging... ;) This week might be a little slow for me as far as blogging, e-mailing, and getting back into my normal "online routine", as I've got tons to get caught up on, and am working on a schedule for myself so I'll spend less time online, and make the most of that time too!


  1. "Ashlie posed for Moriah (or was it Lydia???....."
    It was Lydia, because you can see mine and Michala's feet and legs in the picture. Sugar is, like, the most neccesary thing in life to live, Hannah!

  2. Oh, and that ad-lib was so funny! "Can I touch it?" :P Hannah, remember when we were making up our own little game of d-lib on the deck, and those girls came up and asked if they could sign up? "Can I sign up?"
    "There isn't any signing up"
    "Why can't I sign up?"
    "You can't sign up!"
    "But can't I sign up?"

    Did I get that right?

  3. Wow! Two hours? Wowee! But it looks like you girls had a ton of fun! :) Thanks for sharing! :D Oh, I missed you two!! *hugs*

  4. oh neat! looks like you girls had so much fun at camp! thanks for writing about it and posting pictures! :D

  5. Wow, Hannah! Talk about pictures!! LOL I'm so glad you both enjoyed yourselves so much.

    But isn't it a small world? I know that Kayleigh, too! Kayleigh Carrick, Joel Carrick's sister!

    Glad to have you back! :)

  6. No way!!! lol That is so funny! :D

    *hugs* I missed you all too!!

  7. Love the pictures of the camp HannahBeth!