Saturday, October 27, 2007

Karah's Birthday...

Today is Karah's birthday!!! :) (I'm having to copy and paste 'd's from one of my documents, so I'm going to be trying to use other words in this post...the 'd' key on my laptop broke, literally. It popped off when I was typing earlier, and I can't get it back on....) We had a tea party for her this afternoon, and she opened her are some pictures from today (we did family pictures in the afternoon after her party...since I found the self-timer on the camera..):

Karah had been wanting a bike for awhile now, and she finally got one! You should have seen her face when she opened it... :)
She loves the dress Mrs. Judy's daughter bought her! :)
Just us kids..."Monkeys" as Mama calls us.. ;)

A full family picture...Judah, Daddy and Karah, Mommy and Micah, Josiah, then Sarah, Jeremy the Giant, me, and Moriah. :) This wasn't the best one, but I thought it was least, Karah and Micah were... :)

Opening her bike! :)

Working on her cake...
Here cake! This is my favorite of all the ones I've made so far...It was a lot of fun to decorate, and was really easy too. :)
Karah at the tea table...For some odd reason, I was the only one who actually drank *tea* at this tea party.... *scratches head*
Threatening to eat her cake before we could get to it! :)
Princess Karah
I finally finished her pajamas!! Well...the top part at least...I still have to make the pants... :)


  1. Awww...Happy Belated Birthday to her. :)

  2. Hannah I fixed the 'd' key!!!!