Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever notice...

How life never goes as you plan it to? On my craft blog, I said (a few days ago) that I'd post pictures of all of my finished projects the next day, and I don't even have pictures of them still! I also said on here that I'd have tons of pictures to post, several times now, and didn't have those either....Yup, life just doesn't go as you plan it to, and I'm so thankful for that. Well, now that I've made my confessions....

To continue on the "doesn't go as planned" theme....I thought we would have seen this sight much earlier in the year, but we're only just now beginning to see the evidences of fall around our house:

Here are some pictures of Daddy opening his cards and gifts. In this one I believe he's laughing because Sarah was attempting to take the money that was in his card from Mrs. Judy... ;)
Note the bar of chocolate in his hand... :)
The card we found for him from us kids is hilarious...I love Sarah's expression! :) She's the one who found the card...
Judah made him some shape things out of beads that you melt together...mostly hearts. :)
I think he likes it! It's something he'll need in order to convert all the songs on his old records (he has a huge collection of them, but no record player) into MP3 files...Silly Sarah....
Daddy with his birthday cake....Mom and I forgot that we didn't have a number "4" candle to go on his cake, so we had to use four regular candles, plus the other number (I'm not telling what number it was...I don't think I have permission to disclose his age *wink*), and the only regular candles we have are pink, or yellow...the yellow ones are in a Bob the Builder set, so, since he likes to build things, we decided to make a joke of it, and put them on, with the Bob the Builder figurine. :D I think he was I was laughing too much to even try to sing, and Mom was sort of singing while she videotaped...anyways... :)

These two love to watch football and baseball together (go Rockies!!!! :D)
Yesterday it was raining while the sun was out. :) I didn't see any rainbows, so I just took pictures of the clouds instead. :D The black dots on the picture are rain droplets...
Then in the evening it poured, and the sky grew quite dark, so we kids went out on the screened in porch to watch the rain while Mom grilled the hamburgers for dinner (under the awning...;)
Someone decided to get wet!

Saturday is Karah's birthday party, and we're having a tea. :D Soooo....there'll be lots of pictures coming up! :)


  1. Loved the pics! :D
    I certainly know what you mean about "ever notice..."!! It's like that for me ALL the time! *sigh* Oh, well. :D
    Happy Belated Birthday to your dad!

  2. HannahBeth, I love all the pictures!! Your family looks so loving. And you look so grown up! It's hard to believe you are only 15. :)