Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Karah!!!

Happy Birthday Karah!!

Our little sunshine girl...

Karah's Birthday...

Today is Karah's birthday!!! :) (I'm having to copy and paste 'd's from one of my documents, so I'm going to be trying to use other words in this post...the 'd' key on my laptop broke, literally. It popped off when I was typing earlier, and I can't get it back on....) We had a tea party for her this afternoon, and she opened her are some pictures from today (we did family pictures in the afternoon after her party...since I found the self-timer on the camera..):

Karah had been wanting a bike for awhile now, and she finally got one! You should have seen her face when she opened it... :)
She loves the dress Mrs. Judy's daughter bought her! :)
Just us kids..."Monkeys" as Mama calls us.. ;)

A full family picture...Judah, Daddy and Karah, Mommy and Micah, Josiah, then Sarah, Jeremy the Giant, me, and Moriah. :) This wasn't the best one, but I thought it was least, Karah and Micah were... :)

Opening her bike! :)

Working on her cake...
Here cake! This is my favorite of all the ones I've made so far...It was a lot of fun to decorate, and was really easy too. :)
Karah at the tea table...For some odd reason, I was the only one who actually drank *tea* at this tea party.... *scratches head*
Threatening to eat her cake before we could get to it! :)
Princess Karah
I finally finished her pajamas!! Well...the top part at least...I still have to make the pants... :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever notice...

How life never goes as you plan it to? On my craft blog, I said (a few days ago) that I'd post pictures of all of my finished projects the next day, and I don't even have pictures of them still! I also said on here that I'd have tons of pictures to post, several times now, and didn't have those either....Yup, life just doesn't go as you plan it to, and I'm so thankful for that. Well, now that I've made my confessions....

To continue on the "doesn't go as planned" theme....I thought we would have seen this sight much earlier in the year, but we're only just now beginning to see the evidences of fall around our house:

Here are some pictures of Daddy opening his cards and gifts. In this one I believe he's laughing because Sarah was attempting to take the money that was in his card from Mrs. Judy... ;)
Note the bar of chocolate in his hand... :)
The card we found for him from us kids is hilarious...I love Sarah's expression! :) She's the one who found the card...
Judah made him some shape things out of beads that you melt together...mostly hearts. :)
I think he likes it! It's something he'll need in order to convert all the songs on his old records (he has a huge collection of them, but no record player) into MP3 files...Silly Sarah....
Daddy with his birthday cake....Mom and I forgot that we didn't have a number "4" candle to go on his cake, so we had to use four regular candles, plus the other number (I'm not telling what number it was...I don't think I have permission to disclose his age *wink*), and the only regular candles we have are pink, or yellow...the yellow ones are in a Bob the Builder set, so, since he likes to build things, we decided to make a joke of it, and put them on, with the Bob the Builder figurine. :D I think he was I was laughing too much to even try to sing, and Mom was sort of singing while she videotaped...anyways... :)

These two love to watch football and baseball together (go Rockies!!!! :D)
Yesterday it was raining while the sun was out. :) I didn't see any rainbows, so I just took pictures of the clouds instead. :D The black dots on the picture are rain droplets...
Then in the evening it poured, and the sky grew quite dark, so we kids went out on the screened in porch to watch the rain while Mom grilled the hamburgers for dinner (under the awning...;)
Someone decided to get wet!

Saturday is Karah's birthday party, and we're having a tea. :D Soooo....there'll be lots of pictures coming up! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

As promised...

Here are the pictures I wanted to post yesterday! :)

As I mentioned last week, I believe, Dad bought a bench seat with room for storage, and we've all been working on helping to stain it! I'm really looking forward to when we can bring it inside...which should be either Friday or Saturday. :) Here, Moriah, Jeremy and Dad are working on part of it...

Dad and Moriah working on the main part of it...
How's this for an amazing sunset?! This was the view we had of the sunset on Sunday, I believe. Beautiful!!! Daddy took the second one...

Karah asked me to put this one up....I was playing around with the timer on the camera...I finally found it! :D I didn't know if it had one, and just decided to look through it to see if it did....Boy am I gonna have fun with this! :D :D
Daddy and Micah... :)
Yesterday I went outside to write, and Moriah decided to tag along, so I coaxed her into taking pictures rather than talking my ear off. ;) I think I've found my "writing chair"!!!

Oh, and I meant to mention that I put some new songs on here! :D Of course...I did that about a week or so ago...but I kept forgetting to say something about it. ;) "Cinderella" is one of my favorites, as well as "Children of God", and I really like the other three songs too...I want to add another song later, but I'll have to search for it...

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday...and then Saturday is Karah's! :D I've got to get working on her pjs!!! I can't say what Dad's present is...especially since he reads my blog! lol
We've decided Micah is going to ride in the Tour de France when he grows up. He loves to kick his legs like he's riding a bike, and will hold out his arms at the same time, like he's holding onto handlebars. :) I really should get a video of him doing's hard though, because now when he sees the camera, he automatically stops what he's doing, stares at it, and just gives it this blank *look*....

Anyhow...I should have some more pictures tomorrow! :D

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A ring and a dryer

Thursday, Daddy decided to clean out our dryer. Or, rather, Mama put her foot down and said, "No more laundry gets done until the dryer gets cleaned." lol It's been years since the back of the dryer has been cleaned of dust and lint, and we were both getting a bit worried about a fire starting because of it. I wish I would've taken a picture of how dirty the back of it was before Dad started vacuuming it! The wires and hoses and everything were covered in several layers of filthy dust and lint. :/

In the midst of cleaning it out, however, he found quite a few things. One, the only one, that mattered most to me was.....he found my ring!!!! :D My beautiful purple butterfly ring! It had been lost for several months, after Sarah had done my laundry for me (I'd been cleaning and put it in my pocket, and apparently she doesn't check pockets when she does really ought can find all sorts of cool things in pockets, namely money. *grin*), and I thought I'd never see it again. Well, Dad found it in the back of the dryer! Somehow it got stuck back there....and one side of it kind of melted together from the heat, but it still looks pretty. :)

Here's a picture of it :)

Last night I finally organized all our fabrics and sewing things....and I'm making progress on several projects. :) I had planned on doing it in the afternoon after we got home from running errands, but this is what I spent about 2 1/2 hours doing while we watched a movie:

Lounging on the couch while Micah slept in my arms. He kept waking up when Mom would lay him in his bed, so I just let him sleep in my arms. :) For some reason he buried his face under my

This afternoon I went outside with Karah for are some of the pictures we took (of course we took pictures! ;)):

Dad and the boys have begun to build a fort! :) We girls have demanded that their next project be a fort for we girls, as the one they're working on now is strictly "boys only!"

Karah took this one...
And this one...
Karah loves to sit on Daddy's car! :D
And hug trees...

Mom made bagels again! :D They are yummy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just randomness....

This evening, Mom and Dad had a meeting with some insurance people, so I busied myself with the camera while they had their boring talks in the kitchen. ;)

A few weeks ago, Dad went shopping for a toy chest to put a lot of the toys in, and he wanted a bench with storage under the seating. Well....when you send my Dad out shopping, especially when he's going to antique stores, flea markets, and yard sales, you're going to find a whole lot more than whatever you sent him for, in the back of the van when he gets back! :) He did manage to find a really good, and really BIG bench for the toys, but he also found this cute little bench, and we kids helped him re-finish it:

It's just right for three little ones! :)

This was too cute....Sarah was making really weird faces at Micah, trying to get him to smile, and this was the only look he would give her:
Also while Daddy was out shopping, he found this desk!!! Seeing as his favorite color is the same as mine, you can pretty much guarantee you will guess correctly as to why he didn't leave it where he found it. ;) Since it won't fit in my room, and I still need my other desk, we're keeping it in our hallway for the computer. :) I reeeeaaalllllyyyyyy like it! :D
Micah loves to swing... :)

Thus his nickname: Bubbles. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Has been the main activity I've been doing lately! :) Every day I've been taking some of the younger ones for walks down the lane, and yesterday afternoon Daddy took me to two of the parks here to walk. :D He had two weeks worth of time to make up to me, since he didn't have a chance to spend my time with me last week (one week= 30 minutes of time with I had a whole hour). We first went to a park which I've been wanting to go to ever since we moved here, but never have, as it doesn't have a play-place or anything for younger children....just walking/jogging paths, and...a cemetery!!! :D I'd never been to one before (this is where all you romantics faint....), so the first thing we did was walk around through the cemetery for about a minute. Dad thinks cemeteries are creepy, and only went in with me to satisfy my curiosity, so I tried to keep it short. ;) Looking at all the old grave stones was really neat...most of the people buried there died during the 1940s.....I think it'd be really neat to find the grave of some long ago ancestor, but, seeing as neither of my parents is even from NC, let alone our area, it's highly unlikely I'll find any...unless I had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War, and was buried here....I know I know! I'm going out on a limb, but it is possible! ;) Anyhow....this headstone was quite sad:
This baby boy only lived a day. :(

Some of the scenery during our walk...
Part of the river...see how low that water is?! :(
Daddy....probably looking into the bushes by the trail. We kept hearing rustling...I think it was squirrels, he says it was "something that bites" :)This was at the second "park" we went to....all these geese and ducks (there were tons more than are in this picture) were hanging around a couple who was feeding them. :) I would have many more pictures, but my batteries died.... *sighs*
Karah took this one on one of our walks. Mom bought a carry-pack (I've no idea what the technical name is...), so I brought Micah in it. He liked it until we were almost back to the house, when he started getting too hot. :)
He's getting so big!!!