Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Here are a few pictures from this weekend that I forgot to post. Which is your favorite? :)

I totally love his expression in this one! lol


  1. Oh! In the mail today, I got four books from PBS!! (I got a four-for-one deal from a lady in Florida) Because of Winn-Dixie (for me), a Pippi Longstocking book for Sarah, a joke book for...all of us, and another book....which I can't mention on here until the birthday kid gets it! ;)

    Which birthday kid? there are three is September (used to be four). j/k I know which one your talking about!

  2. lol!!! Oh, I'm soooo glad you liked "Singin' in the Rain"!!! Did you know that Gene Kelly did not like Debbie Reynold's dancing, so one day he got mad at her and made her cry. She was hiding under a piano crying, and Fred Aistare found her there and helped her. Awww...:D I thought it was so sweet of him!

    I liked the second and last pictures best. :D

    Hee hee...I think I got you riled up too on the big family subject. :D

  3. Hey Hannah!
    I love big family's! :-) (People used to ask my mom if "all these children are yours?!!" And there are only 4 of us!!! We don't think we are a very big family and like to make people shocked by saying we know someone with 10 kids! haha ;-)).

    Oh! I like the movie Singing in the Rain! :-) And I like all the quotes ! :-) (We often say, "What do you think I am, Dumb or something?"! hehehe And "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!" hehehe).

    Sam - Thats a really funny story! I had never heard it before! :-P

    Have a great day!
    Amy (SJ)
    (Sorry! The delete comment was mine, I wanted to edit my comment and so I had to delete it, and then post it again!).

  4. Aww! Yeah, that was sweet of him to help her with her dancing. :)
    Thanks everyone! Yeah, the second picture is probably my favorite as well. :)

    "Hee hee...I think I got you riled up too on the big family subject. :D "
    Yup, you sure did! lol

  5. "Moriah: No, you don't know which kid it is." :) :P

    Me doesn't?