Saturday, September 15, 2007

*Wedding Bells*

This afternoon we went to Cera and Josh's wedding! :D I've got lots of pictures to share with you...They've gotten mixed up a bit as I'm uploading them, but anyways...

Sarah, Karah and I were wearing matching outfits...Mom bought some really pretty navy blue with purple flowers material, which I've used to make Sarah another t-shirt dress, myself a skirt, Karah a skirt and matching top, and I'm going to make Moriah a skirt as well...maybe...

Ah! Here's the new couple....Josh and Cera (Dad gets credit for this one..). Their colors were black, red and white (NC State!). She is so pretty!

Mom took hold of the opportunity to get a picture of all of us kids together, while looking nice. lol L to R: Sarah, Josiah, Moriah, Judah, me holding Micah, Karah and Jeremy. :) A bit sunny... :)

In the garden there's a small pond with goldfish in it. :D

Mr. Michael with Michala. :D She is soooo cute!
This is how he spent most of his time...."weddings are boring" says he. :)
Mrs. Judy (or her close friend Mrs. Thetis...I'm not sure which one of them) made this for them. :)
Karah got this one of Rachel :D

Standing behind the little pond....that open area is where the wedding was. :)
Karah with her buddy, Zack. All the little ones were fascinated with the pond...fortunately, none of them fell in!
Some of the roses....
Cathy striking a pose....when I first saw this one, I thought Mrs. Julyn (in the background) was actually a statue! lol
Josh and Cera after they cut the cake...

Karah and Judah....looking at the fishies. :)
Zack with Mr. Jeff
The pond....
Ha ha....after the ceremony this plane with a Geico ad trailing behind it kept flying overhead. :)
The sign on the pond.

Cathy with Froggy....
Some of the roses....

The fountain....... :)

Mrs. Julyn admiring my Froggy... :D
Mrs. Judy and Mama
Part of the gardens..
Mrs. Judy did these for Josh and Cera....

 Karah took this one of Mom, Dad and Micah...
I know it's blurry, but I couldn't resist adding it...On the right, is Mr. Michael and Little Michael, as they walked back down the aisle...Little Michael wasn't supposed to, but I guess he was sick of the ceremony, so when he saw his Dad leaving, he decided he was going too! lol
Dad, Mom, Micah, and Jeremy in the background...

Mrs. Julyn and Michala
Rachel, Josh, and Cathy....the three Hunt sibs. :)
Mrs. Judy, Rachel, Josh, Cathy, Mrs. Julyn, and Mr. Norman. :)
Michael and it just me, Sam, or does Michael look a teensy bit like Nate??

Zack loved Micah! :D
Rachel and Zack....
The others looking at the pond....the gardens are so gorgeous!
Another rose. :D

Me and Karah before we left this morning...I told you the pics got mixed up. lol This was just before we left...
Mommy and Karah.... :D
Some more of the flowers....
Sarah, Cathy, and Moriah. :)
And last, but certainly not least, more flowers!!! :D

Oh yeah....and, here is how the ride home was spent. ;)

Whew!!! I think I posted about a weeks' worth of pictures! lol Sorry for the overload..... :)


  1. lol! Loved all the pictures. :D (Where's the feet ones?!! :p)
    Actually that little boy looks more like our neighbor than Nate, I think. :D Now, Zack, he looks like a little boy I know who comes into the library!!! :D

  2. That was the first time I had seen Zack in a long time! He grew like a weed, got his haircut, and can talk now!!!

  3. lol...I may post one of Karah's feet pictures was really cute. :)
    Aw! lol Zack has grown so much since we last saw him, and he's talking now too! o_O Up until he was about 2, he wasn't very verbal, but now he talks all the time... :)

  4. Lol! I love that picture of them too! We were all saying how cool they looked was hilarious! :D Yeah, Cera's dress was gorgeous! If only she'd had some sleeves or And that tatoo.... o_O She's sweet though... :)

  5. Cera's dress was the whitest dress i have ever seen! Hannah tell them what i told Rachel to do to Josh when they were taking pics!