Monday, September 3, 2007


My shrug is done!!!!!! :D And I love didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it's my own fault for refusing to go back and fix a few mistakes....I'd already had to redo the edging twice, and was getting frustrated with having to undo 224 stitches every time! But, it's nothing really bad, so I'm not that upset that it's a bit weird in places.. lol

The left front side is a bit bunched up, and the buttonhole I made is in the entirely wrong place, but I just sewed that closed and put the button in the right place....The sleeves in the pattern are supposed to be really short, but I wanted them longer, so I made them longer. :)

Here's a picture of it before I did the button. Dad took this one, and he was being sooooo hilarious! When I handed him the camera, he went to take a picture, thinking I'd already turned it on. I laughed and said, "Dad, you might want to turn it ON before you try taking a picture!" He chuckled as he turned it on, then took one he finished taking it, the camera turned off (the battery had died), and he said, "Oh Hannah! You killed it!"

"Try turning it back on again..." I said as I laughed and rolled my eyes.

It didn't come back on, so I rushed to get the other battery (fortunately, we have two batteries...normally if one is dead, the other at least is partially charged!). After he put it in and aimed the camera to take the picture, he instructed, "Smile, Hannah.." and the camera turned off again. "Hannah! Good grief...will you quit killing the camera!" he scolded while laughing. He turned it back on and quickly got this picture, before the battery completely died. lol

Here it is completely finished, button and all. :)

Finally I have a picture of Sarah's t-shirt dress.... :) This was a joint project that my Mom and I did together...shared credit for this one. ;)

I am so anxious to get my skirt finished so I can get a picture of me wearing it on here! lol Here's a picture of what it looks like so far...I finished the hem yesterday, and all I have left to do on it is the side zipper (which I need to buy) and the waist facing. :) I'm contemplating adding a bit of white ribbon along the hem in the meantime, since when I sewed the hem, I didn't think about the color of the thread I was using....I used a dark grey instead of the light doesn't look as bad as if it were orange, neon/lime green, or hot pink, but still......;)

And here is a picture of the hat I made for Micah...I finished it the day he was born, and he has never worn it more than the ten seconds I had it on him in the hospital to see if it fit. He hates hats, so this one will be going to a hospital for preemies to least someone will wear it. :) Oh, and the background is one of his sheets that Mrs. Judy (Cathy's mom, my Mom's friend, our "grandma") made for him. :)

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  1. It's gorgeous! :D I love that pattern!!!! Krista made that same type of dress taht Sarah has for Olivia! lol. :) I love your skirt, it looks sooo pretty. :)
    Great work, gal! :D