Friday, September 28, 2007


Grandma, Great Grandma and Great Great Aunt Martha got here yesterday afternoon, and we've been having a lot of fun with them! :) They're enjoying getting to hold Micah for the first time, and Karah and Grandma are so fun to watch together! lol At first she was a little shy of them, seeing as she doesn't see them but once or twice a year, but only after a few minutes, she was bringing her babies and clothes out for Grandma to see. :) And she and Grandma keep teasing back and forth...they are hilarious! Oh, Grandma gave Karah the blanket she made for Micah (she crochets baby blankets for all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as twin size blankets for us...they are all beautiful!!), and I had her put it in Micah's bed after I picked him up. She promptly told him, "Micah, Great Great Great Grandma made a bwanket for you!" LOL Grandma got a kick out of that one... :D

Here are a few pictures. :) Beware...they got all mixed up when I was uploading them, so they aren't in order. lol

We girls have been going on walks down our lane the past two's just the right length of a walk, and I love looking at the trees in the distance, and the open sky! :D It's so pretty....Anyways, here are some pictures from our walks. Moriah didn't go with us on the one today, because she was with Daddy getting a new computer (finally! Our old one is about 6 years old....and keeps giving us trouble...Dad is letting the boys use it for games though, and is going to get all the files off of it for Mom and I). :)

We put Karah in the stroller....I don't like having to carry her heavy little self after only having walked the length of our driveway! lol Besides, she'd rather ride anyway...

Sarah was taking *lots* of pictures...One of our neighbors lives behind all those trees. :)

The sky... :D

Not the best *generation* picture...but....
Four generations, left to right: Great Grandma, Moriah, Grandma, and Mama. :) Karah took this one...

Great Grandma calls having your picture taken "being shot". lol Would you believe she is 93 years old?? Mom found some of our number candles laying on the counter...there were two #1s, and a zero, and she said, "Grandma, for your 101 birthday, here's the candles!" I didn't catch her response, but it was rather funny, based on the laughter that I heard coming from the living room. :)
Karah took one of Daddy. :D
Sarah and I pushed Karah on the swings for awhile...I love her dress! :) It's so cute...
Karah, bearer of my cell phone, which we are required to have with us when we go on walks without an adult....

The sun. :)
Grandma with Micah...she can get him grinning soo quickly! :)
Great Grandma with Micah....
Great great Aunt Martha with Micah. :D He likes her...a lot! lol

More of the

The land beside our house...
The sky again....
Our little lane...or at least part of it. :)

I have more pictures of Micah which I will post tomorrow. :)


  1. aww...Hannah, you are sooo pretty!! Looks like you all are having fun with your relatives! :-) Can't WAIT to see you!!

  2. Neat pictures!! Love the sky ones. :D That's comin from a blue sky nut. lol. Again, I think you look great with bangs!! :D lol. I'm just excited to have a friend who has bangs too. lol.

  3. love the sky ones! i dodn't know they truned out so well!

  4. Beth Nell: Aw...thanks! I know! I can't wait to see you either! :D I'm counting down the days till

    Sam: Hee! I love the sky too...out here in the open space, it's soooo gorgeous just to gaze at! :D lol I love having bangs! At least, when they decide to lay

    Mr. Anon: :) Done!

  5. I like that picture of the sun, sky, and the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!