Saturday, September 8, 2007

The pics of Micah....

That I talked about in my last they are! :D I still don't know why it wouldn't let me upload them, but at least I don't have that problem anymore...speaking of blogger problems, does anyone else have trouble with the "remember me" thing? I hate having to sign in every time I get on here, but for some reason it never keeps me signed in, no matter what I do....anyways.....

Moriah and I put his baseball cap on him, and kept putting it at cute angles. :) We were laughing at him soooo hard...apparently he wasn't impressed! lol

His "gangsta" look :)

And yes, we did let him wear it in the normal fashion for at least one picture... :)

And that's it! :)


  1. lol! me likes the "gangsta" look the best! He seemed to like ti at that angle best, to!

  2. lol. Love that gansta look. ;) What a cutie! :D