Thursday, September 27, 2007


Later this afternoon, my Grandma (Mom's mom...), Great Grandma (Mom's grandma), and Great Great (yes, that is two *greats*) Aunt Martha (Great Grandma's sister) will be here!!! :D They'll be here until Monday morning, and are coming to church with us on Sunday, when Micah will be dedicated. :) We haven't seen any of them except for Grandma in over a year, so we're very excited they are visiting! Even Micah...when Mama told him they were coming he started grinning. lol
It turns out my pictures may not be gone forever afterall! Daddy has the other computer set up so that it takes everything (mostly pictures...) off of the laptop when I put things on here, so the pictures may be on his computer...I just have to find them! lol And I thought I had tons of

Here are a few newer pictures that I just uploaded.....
:D I just thought this one was cute...I think Moriah took it. I never noticed how green Karah's eyes are!

Mom and Sarah made several (4!!!) large loaves of Challah bread! :D It is soooooo delicious!

Excuse the doesn't normally look this bad! Sarah and I moved her bed on top of my bed (both our beds are actually a bunk bed, but are able to be separated), so now she and I share a room. :) Karah has pretty much moved into Moriah's room, but her toys are still in mine. This picture shows you just how cluttered my room looks when Sarah and I are doing school (and Moriah is reading in there as well. lol)

My mantle and dresser has some added decorations....namely the addition of Sarah's porcelain dolls to my own collection. :)
Moriah was *supposed* to be doing schoolwork, but, apparently, she was taking pictures of *me* doing schoolwork. *rolls eyes* I think I was doing History...
She and I have been experimenting with different ways to do our hair...this is my favorite way to do mine now. :)
A back view...

Moriah :)
I've taken a fascination with capturing pictures of the sun. :D At least I don't have to actually look at it....
One of the plants beside our house....I'm horrid with plant names, so I don't know what it is, exactly. :)
I did Karah's hair the other day as lasted all of 3 minutes... :/
Karah took this one. :)

And, in case you're about to have a heart attack because this post had no Micah pictures....I don't have any new ones of him yet.....note the word *yet.* I'm planning on doing a photo shoot extraordinaire with him later on today! :D
Until later.... :)


  1. How and when did you start making Challah bread?!!! We LOVE Challah bread! We make it every Sabbath. :D
    Great news about your pictures. :D Loved the look good with bangs, dahling. :D

  2. The fisrt time mom made it ws yesterday, I THINK! I love it! Yep, I took the picture of Karah. Hey, yo have to admit taking pictures is more interesting then doing school. And I did get my school done!

  3. I love it too! :D This is the first time Mom ever made it...if she's made it before, I obviously don't remember it! lol
    Thanks! :D

  4. I know that you have to braid challah bread, did Sarah actually help braid, make the dough, or cut the dough or what??