Monday, September 3, 2007

Me and Micah

Me and my Little Guy

Well, my shrug if finished! :D I'll post about it, and some of my other recently done projects on my project blog later today....I've still got to get pictures of some of them. :) Until then, you can see pretty much what it looks like from the above picture...
Yesterday at church, poor Micah had sooo many people in his face! Especially all the girls, and ladies... *snickers* Our pastors' girls just couldn't keep their hands off him....stroking his head, tapping his nose (apparently this calms him somehow...) and just oohing and ahhing over him. :) And, unfortunately for him, but awesome for the rest of us, they'll be here from Friday evening until Saturday morning, if everything goes well. :D Moriah's birthday is Friday, and she wants four of the five girls (the oldest is around my age, but Moriah still didn't invite her *pouts*) of Pastor Howard's to come over and spend the girly stuff...and probably drool over Micah. :) I've been wanting for some time to get together with one of the girls from church, Rebecca, who I've become friends with, but we've not had very many chances...until now. When she heard Moriah was having a bunch of girls over, she invited me to "escape" at her house, so this Friday, while my Prince Charming needs my rescuing from crazy girls the most, I'll probably be chatting with Rebecca, ten miles away. ;)
My skirt is nearly done!! I've only got the zipper and facing on the waist to complete...and I still need to buy the zipper, and can't do the facing until the zipper is done, so I really can't do anything more with it right now. But it's turning out really well, and I'm hoping to maybe make a shrug out of the left-over material from it, and have a matching "outfit!" :D I don't know if I have enough left though....we'll see. :)

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  1. (the oldest is around my age, but Moriah still didn't invite her *pouts*)

    If ya want to you could invite her over! I didn't invite her cause we only talk a little, when I am over at their house. I like her though she is really nice!