Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've found something out about myself this weekend...I'm impulsive, daring, love to "cut it close", and (this one wasn't surprising for some reason...) I procrastinate...a lot! :) We've had this material (navy blue with beautiful purple flowers on it) for months now, just waiting for me to decide I'd finally sit down and sew it all into matching skirts/dresses for we girls! Mom wanted us to wear them to the wedding we went to yesterday, so we could have Cathy take our family picture for the year...Well....around Friday afternoon, I finally said to myself, "You know, you really should get those skirts done...after all...the wedding is tomorrow!!!!" So, all of Friday evening, I was frantically sewing mine and Karah's skirts, as well as Mom and Sarah's t-shirt dresses (I didn't have my shirt yet, so I couldn't make a t-shirt dress...which I didn't mind, because I prefer skirts anyway, oh, and Moriah stubbornly refused to let me make her a skirt...*sigh*). As I was working on Karah's skirt, she piped up and asked, "Nana, will you make me a matching shirt too?" Here is where my impulsive, cutting-it-close and daring side came in. ;) I thought, "Well, I think I have enough fabric...and I know I have a pattern for shirts....somewhere..." So, after I finished the skirts and dresses, I set to work finding the pattern (it was actually right where I'd last put problem there), then began cutting out the pieces for it. Every. Single. Piece. Was barely able to be cut! I *barely* had enough fabric left over to cut out all the pieces...and thank goodness she didn't want the pockets! lol God knew my cute little sister, who is simply irresistable when she asks you to make something for her, would ask me to make that shirt, and He gave me just enough fabric to please her with it! :) And, for more of my cutting-it-close side...I finished cutting the last piece (no pun intended) just as Dad came in our room to sing our bedtime songs! :D (He has a song for each of us that he sings each night after devotions and before we go to sleep...) And, I finished *sewing* the top just minutes before we had to leave yesterday morning...thanks to Mama! I was still in my pjs, nibbling on my breakfast as I worked, so after I finished making the buttonholes (my first time doing those...on the machine...) she took it voluntarily and sewed on the buttons so I could get dressed and finish my breakfast. :) I didn't eat much yesterday...just my breakfast (which was a huge piece of cinnamon bread-cake) and a piece of cake at the wedding...which is probably why I had a headache yesterday, but you didn't want to hear about that.... ;)

Anyways....I've made two nursing dresses for Mama so in teal, and the one that matches we girls' skirts/dress (I have a matching teal skirt made from the left over material from her dress, which I will post later...). It's really simple, and Mom loves them! The way we do hers is: Find fabric that you like, and find a t-shirt that goes with it can either button down, or be a regular t-shirt: doesn't really matter. Also, I used, for her teal one, a white tank top. Cut the fabric so that it's long enough (allowing for a one-inch hem and one inch for the gathering/seam), and add about a foot to a 1/2 yard to your waist measurement for the width of it. Hem the skirt, and sew the side seam, then gather the top part until it and the tank top lower edge match up as far as width. Then, sew the skirt to the tank top (for Mom's I had to sew the skirt part a little higher than the bottom edge of the tank top, so the other shirt would cover the tank-top). After that, I made two slits in the front of the tank top for Mom to be able to nurse, and this is what it looks like when she wears it:

Sorry if that was a little confusing! lol I'll probably post step-by-step instructions for it later on, with pictures... :)

Karah and I with our skirts....this was before she asked for the shirt. ;)
Karah and I in our outfits...I borrowed Moriah's shirt to be able to match Sarah. :)

Sarah's t-shirt dress...

I don't have pictures of my teal skirt, or of Mom's matching dress, but I'll get pictures later this week! :)

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  1. Those are really cute! I love the teal dress! I'm thinking this would be a good project for me to make my daughter some more school clothes. She's very rough on clothes, so more couldn't hurt!