Saturday, September 8, 2007

A crazy day

*takes a deep breath and blows out slowly* Yesterday was such a whirlwind, I hope I can remember all of what I wanted to post! lol Yesterday was Moriah's 12th birthday (Happy Birthday sis....I still haven't given you your present yet....eek!), so she had four of the five Jackson girls over (the oldest is around my age, plus she had a volleyball game) for the evening, and they spent the night as well (I don't know what they did in the evening, since I wasn't In the morning, we were out shopping and running errands until well after lunch time, and I had barely enough time to finish my skirt and take a quick shower before I had to dash out the door with Dad to go to my friend Rebecca's house. She had a volleyball game (the oldest Jackson girl, Rebecca, and several of the other kids from church all go to the same charter school...and the two girls are on the same volleyball team), so she was already at the school, so I rode with her Mom and two little brothers (who "pestered" me with cute questions the whole way there). And.....they won their game! :D It was best 3 out of 5, and they won the last three games straight! Rebecca and Lauren did an awesome job, and it was lots of fun to watch them play....

After the game, we went over to Rebecca's grandmother's church for a hot dog cookout/fundraiser, and after we ate we took the boys out to the playground and chatted for awhile before we had to leave to pick up another girl from church, Katie. :) We then went over to her grandmother's house and she played the piano while we sang some of the songs we sing in church (Katie is on the worship team, and had practice this morning, so she brought her book with her). Then they had to bring me home...I wasn't allowed to spend the night, but I had a lot of fun while I was there. :) Hopefully we can get together again some other time....

When I got home, the other kids were in the middle of watching Night at the Museum (Moriah decided to get that at Blockbuster since they didn't have any other movies she wanted) and I watched the very end of it with them. It is hilarious! :D I watched the first part of it this morning......*howls* I love the part where Larry is playing "psychiatrist" to Attila the Hun...that is soooooo hysterical! :D And little Dexy is funny.... :)

The girls had to go home early this morning, because Melody wasn't feeling well, but they had a good time here, and I had fun the short time I was here with them too. lol :) Especially at breakfast this morning....*howls* Olivia (8) was soooooo funny....she kept walking around the table, and stopping behind each of us and making faces, then as soon as we'd turn around she'd stop and have a normal smile. It was funny.....
When the other kids had gone to bed, and it was just me, Karah, Dad and Mom in the living room, he said to my Mom, "Well, we got a little taste of what the Duggars go through..." lol Altogether, there were 12 kids in the house....only one more than you guys, Sam. :) But, we girls outnumbered the boys, 8 to 4. :D

Here are some pictures they took last night(several were blurry....I don't know who took them):

Melody, Moriah, and Ashley

Moriah, Micah and Ashley

Kaira and Olivia. :D It was quite interesting and confusing having two Karahs in the house! lol

The birthday cake with all the candles! :D It's the ice cream layer cake...and this time I got to make it. :)

Argh! I had some really cute pictures of Micah to post, but the uploader isn't working now...:( I'll get them on later today when I post pics of my skirt on my other bloggy. :)


  1. Oh, my!!! lol. It sounded like you were super busy yesterday. Sounded like you had fun with you friend!!! :D Moriah, it sounds like you had a fab. birthday!!! lol! that's so funny that you have a friend whose name Olivia and is 8!!! Our Olivia is turning 8!! lol.
    Oh, and guess what? Tomorrow we're having a b-day party for Nate, Olivia, and Mia and we're having the ice cream cake!!!! lol! :D
    Oh, man, you should see our house on party day!!! There's sometimes eighteen kids in the house!! Nineteen if all the cousins come!!! Then there's our two aunts, our grandparents, and uncle! *phew* Try to imagine Thanksgiving!!! lol.

  2. lol Wow! Yeah it must be crazy at your house on birthdays and holidays! lol :)

  3. Yeah, I just realized that today! lol! I much rather prefer Ice Cream cake to plain cake!! Wow! It must be really crazy during holidays ans such at your house!

  4. OH! Sam, tell Victoria I got the package today! *grins* I love it!

  5. sounds like everyone had a great time! :D except that Melody wasn't feeling well... :(

    the cake looks really good too! :D

  6. Yeah, I feel really bad for her, but she was pretty cheerful in spite of it all...

    Oh! I can't wait for you to taste that cake! :D

  7. That cake is gooood, isn't it? :D I love it.

  8. Yep it is! Melody was looking much better in church today!