Tuesday, September 11, 2007


 Micah had a rough day yesterday....he had trouble going to sleep, and when he would go to sleep, he would only *stay* asleep if he was being held....at one point he was sleeping in Mom's arms, like this, which I thought was too cute to pass up:
In the evening, I offered to let Mom get him to sleep, and I held him while she ate....I held him for at least an hour, and it nearly put me to sleep! lol
Moriah insisted on getting a picture of me and Micah together...
Early yesterday, while I was doing school work, Moriah brought him to me in one of his rare moments of happiness. :)
Smiling up at Mommy... :)

Jeremy got his cast off yesterday....finally! :D He's still got to be careful with his ankle, but at least his cast is gone... :)
I've got dishes to get to, so I'd better hop off for now. :l Ciao!


  1. Awww....I think you look so cute with bangs...though I *cough* at first couldn't tell...*ducks from flying objects* lol. But I did see it in the picture of you and Micah. :D Its looks nice on you. :D Have you tried bangs just hanging down all over your forehead? I think they look nice swept to the side on you. :)

  2. Yep! They do look nice like that to! I couldn't tell at first either. *covers face from flying objects*

  3. *begins to throw everything within reach* :P Oh well...I guess it really is kinda hard to notice at first... :) I used to have bangs just hanging down all over my forehead, before I grew them out (like....in the first grade...looonnngggg time ago!) but I haven't decided whether I want mine that way again or not. :) I pushed them down earlier today, and I like how it looks (I'll have to trim them though...lol) but I'm still undecided. :)