Thursday, August 2, 2007


Whew! This afternoon was pretty boring, but tiring! I worked at the library today instead of yesterday, as Mama had a doctor's appointment this afternoon.....It was really boring, as hardly anyone was there except for the librarians and volunteers, and as a result there were hardly any books to shelve.....but I did get a chance to look around a bit more, and found that they actually do have Calico Captive! :D When I searched the system, it said they didn't, but I found it right there on the shelf, next to several more of Elizabeth George Speare's books. :D Oh least now I have my own copy. :)

Mom was up most of the night having contractions. They stopped early in the morning, and she hasn't had any since, but I think Micah will be here soon! :D

Here are some pictures.........

He thought he was getting away from the camera. :D I've learned to be quick with him.....
Dressing up.....

Playing video games...... *rolls eyes*

The cripple. :) The writing on his cast is where we all signed our names... :D

I should make cripples out of all my brothers....then I'd be able to get pictures of them! lol I'm just kidding though.... ;)

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