Tuesday, August 7, 2007

School time fun!

A couple years ago, my Mom and a few ladies from the church we attended back in G-boro got together and made a bunch of activity bags for little ones. Karah and Judah love to do them while the rest of us are finishing school, or when they get bored. :D Last week I took breaks now and then to play with them, and Moriah took a few pictures...unfortunately, the ones she took of Judah did not turn out that well, but we had fun anyway. :)

One of the activities is stringing beads.....I have to string some beads on my pipe cleaner, and then Karah had to string her beads on her pipe cleaner in the exact same order. :) She did really well! :D Hee....see my stack of library books (all about WW2 to be exact *grins*) on the right?
One of the other games is a ring toss, in which you have to try to toss the pipe cleaners (formed into a circle) onto empty water bottles that have rice in them. :) There is also a a puzzle of two hands made out of foam, a fishing game (that's our favorite....two little sticks that have magnets strung on the end of them, and the fish are made of foam, with paper clips for 'noses'), and a few other games. :)

Moriah was messing around taking pictures of Buddy....I love this one! :D A bit blurry, but it was still funny. :)

It's been hot here this week: very HOT!!! All this week it's supposed to be in the upper 90s and 100s....right now it's 100 degrees here, but I'm sure it probably got up to 101 or 102 earlier....and where my friend Cathy lives?! (an hour south of us) It's 111!!!! And the city workers have been out there for most of today, still working on the water lines.....I can't imagine what it's like for them! :( I've not gone outside at all today, except for once this morning, to let Buddy out.....
Sunday night, we watched a movie called Killer Wave. I loved it!!! :D Dad and I missed the first part, because we'd been playing a game, but the rest of it was really good. :) There were no "scenes" that I can recall, there was a little bit of language, and a bit more of violence than I'd expected there would be, but overall it was a really good movie. Too gory at parts for the younger ones, but they didn't even want to watch it, so it was fine. :D The basics of the story is a guy, John, and a lady named Sophie (who was actually pretty decently dressed for a modern movie....though some of her outfits were on the tight side)are trying to stop the bad guys, who have devised a way to make tsunami sized waves and aim them at highly populized areas of the U.S. eastern coast, using a plan that John had come up with a few years before as a way of stopping natural disasters such as actual tsunamis, and for another reason, which I don't remember (I wasn't paying that close attention to that part....). The bad guys, however, are using the waves they make to get the attention of Washington officials, and as a money making scheme (one of the guys involved was the president/owner of the disaster relief org. that was in charge of helping communities after disasters, thus they would make money off of them...) and keep getting bigger and more devastating with each of their attacks. I'm not saying anything more, except that I hated the ending!!! I so wish they hadn't killed a certain person!!!! :(
Next week, they're showing Moby Dick, so Jeremy is looking forward to that. :) On a sadder note, I found out that Foyle's War was only showing on tv from June 17th through July 8th, so I won't be seeing it anymore, at least on tv, or soon. :( BUT!! They're now showing Sherlock Holmes!!! :D So, that's probably what I'll be watching on Sunday evening, unless the others object. ;)


  1. There showing Sherlock Holmes?!

  2. Just to warn you, if it's the Sherlock Holmes with Rupert Everett, it's NOT good...but if it has Jeremy Brett, it should be fine...no guarantees cuz I haven't seen all the ones with him as Sherlock. :D

  3. I went back to check, anad fortunately it's the ones with Jeremy Brett. :D The first one is "Scandal in Bohemia"....
    Oooh! Soon, they're going to be showing the Jane Austen movies! :D The 2007 versions...Persuasion, Mansfield Park....I'm in heaven! :)

  4. That ones fine, I believe. :D We've seen that one. :D Oohh, I can't wait for the Jane Austen's to air!!! I'll have to get my aunt to tape them...especially "Northanger Abbey" so that we can send it "edited" to you! I really want you to see it!! :)