Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pics of my Little Guy

Since I know you all are just dying to see more of my handsome Little Guy ;) here are some pictures from our visit to see him at the hospital......he and Mom are on their way home right now, so to kill the time, I decided to get on. :) Cathy is here until about Friday, and she went with us. :D

Mama with him.....

Jeremy and Little Guy...He loves his blanket Sam! :D He refused to wake up while he had it on. lol

Cathy was lovin him! :D We let her have the longest turn (besides Karah) with him.....
He just loves her. :D He actually smiled at her.....not on camera though. :( His nails are really long, so he's scratched himself quite a bit....
I got to hold him again too.... :D :D
Definitely a Vincent...... ;)

Cathy and Karah....the pink girls. :D
He's too cute!
With Judah.....
Karah with "my Micah".....she loves him to death! :D She held him the most......
with Moriah.....


  1. AWWWWW!!!! He's adorable!!! :D
    Hee hee! Glad he likes my blanket. :D
    *sighs* *goes to cuddle my own baby*

  2. I would do a post, but I can't remember the user! name to log in! Grr....

  3. Beth: Sure! I'd love for you to stop by my blog again.. :D I'll try to get over to your blog later on. :)

    Sam: lol! I'm so glad we both have "our" babies to cuddle. :D

    Hee....yeah, he's already being spoiled! :D He's a clingy baby....but I certainly don't mind! ;)