Friday, August 31, 2007


has been rather interesting around here this past week. What with everything surrounding Buddy, plus trying to get some things finished up before we get back to school next week, it's been crazy for me! Mostly, I've been trying to play more with Judah and Karah, since they often get left out when the others are playing games and such. Here are some pictures of us... :)

Karah loves holding Micah! Yes, I know I know...I said we don't use pacifiers, yet you nearly always see him with one in his mouth. That's because you nearly always see him in pictures where we were desperate for him to calm down without having to have Mama feed him (sheesh! He eats for an hour every time he eats, and he eats frequently! You'd think we never fed him.....) We only use it in extreme desperation though. ;)

Karah, Judah, and myself....We were cleaning up the blocks we'd been playing with....

The blocks Judah used to build his castle fort.

Judah and cute together. :)

Me and Karah....Judah took this one. :)

I'll try to update again later....I've got to get ready to go to the library and post office!

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