Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Crazy sisters? Definitely....

Last night, since Micah wasn't available to be held (he was having a 'snack'), Moriah and I had some time together...being crazy. Or, rather, she was being crazy, and I was trying to maintain some semblance of sane-ness....and failing miserably. ;) Anyhow....I let her go wild with the camera, so here's some of her pics:

Her and I....or the other way around. ;)

She took a picture of one of my drawings that I did a few years ago...I did this one of a cat when I was about 10, I think....She (my sis) has an interesting love of angles....

And this one I did when I was 12.....both were done at the art camp that I would go to every year, for about 5 years. :) My teacher was fantastic, and really helpful!

I was reading "Emma" off and on, and Moriah decided to take a picture of the ring that Cathy gave me when she was up here a few weeks ago....Since you can't really tell, the stone is red. :) She said her grandmother gave it to her years ago, but it's always been way too small for her fingers... :)

Apparently, my fan is fascinating as well.... I actually kind of like this one. :)

Of course, we did take some of Little Guy as well. ;)

He was laughing! :D


  1. I can't help it! If I take a picture at the right angle it is boring to me, so I find different angles to take them at! That one of Micah is cute! We probably have more then 2000 pictures of him by now...

  2. Talk about double awwww!
    And Moriah's right...different angles are awesome. :D

    Those are some great pictures!!! Believe me, they're ten times better than I could draw! How come you didn't tell me you drew? *wags finger* I *sheepish grin* doodle. :p

  3. lol...I haven't done any drawing in years...I've tried doing some different things a few times since I stopped going to art camp (I took all the classes, plus we're in a different town..) but I really haven't had any inspiration without my teacher by my side. :( I may try again though... :)
    Well, and how come you didn't tell me you doodled?! :P I'm terrible at

  4. lol. Girl, there's no art in doodling. :D You can't be good or not good at it...everyone just has their own styles.

  5. Hey HannahBeth!
    Wow! Those pictures you drew are really good! :-)
    Love, Amy :O) (SJ).

  6. I can't draw worth life either! Yeah, they are, Sam!

  7. The baby looks so cute. I'm glad you're doing well.

  8. Morih, I think you do a great job as well, and i think the picture of your "Little Guy" laughing is sooooooo cute! :D