Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buddy's last photo shoot...:(

These are the last pictures I got of Buddy..:( (Oh, this is me Moriah)

This is the absolute last one we ever got of him :( Gotta go!


  1. Oh, Moriah, I'm so sorry!!! *hugs*

  2. It's OK. I'm feeling a little better.

  3. Hey, HannahBeth, sorry it took me sooooo long to get around to visiting your blog! I'd tell you what mine is except for the fact that I don't update it anymore!Do you remember who I am? I guess I should have told you from the strt! :-) This is The Pilgrim Faith editor. :-) Sorry 'bout your dog. We had to put down our dog two years ago... we had had him for 8 years.

  4. I know we had buddy for about two years, alomst three, that must have beem hard after eight years!

  5. Oh! I'm sorry Moriah! *Gives hug*
    Love, Amy

  6. I know your heart must be broken, HannahBeth... I think mine is! There is something about a dog that can get to me sometimes.

    Do you know why Buddy was acting strangely like that?

    I'll be thinking of you. *hugs* But yes, you're going to handle it just great, I know.

  7. Thanks everyone! :)

    Emily: Yes, I remember you. :) I need to get around to getting to the forum soon...thanks for stopping by!

    Eve: He had always been really aggressive, even though we'd had him fixed, and been to a wonderful trainer (who, since she heard what has happened, has offered to help us find our next dog when we're ready, and train it for free!), but for some reason, we just could never get him completely under control. I think it was partially because we have young kids...he loved kids, but also tried to be dominant over them...I really wish we could've given him to someone with no children, but because he'd already bitten the girl, he wasn't adoptable...
    Sorry for going on and on! :)

  8. Oh, Hannah, you left out that he started being over protective, after about three months! For the first three months we had him we didn't even know what his bark sounded like, then al of the sudden he was all barking and overprotective, I guess it was because he had never had a perminant home, and wanted to ensure that he wasn't going to go anywhere else.