Friday, July 27, 2007

Tomorrow... :D

I've been working on it a bit more today, and hopefully I should be completely (well....I'm always making little changes here and there..) done by tomorrow evening. :D With the design of my blog, that is. :)

Here are some pictures of this week's happenings. :D

I went outside to take pictures of the other kids, and Judah requested that I let him take a picture. This was the result! :D

Josiah agreed to pose in exchange to be allowed to use the camera as well. :)

Josiah took this one of Karah. :)

And this one of we girls (or most of us, anyway)

Sarah got in on it too, and took this one of myself and Karah. :)

And another one...
A bit more sanity showing through... ;)
I turned around to find Buddy trimming the pulling off the odd branches. :/ At least it was more productive than digging needless holes. ;)

They've been building sand castles quite a bit lately, and have "hired" me as the "royal photographer".. :D
Here's the faithful watchdog
The four builders. :)
One more of their castles...complete with a river and drawbridge!

More in just a moment! :D


  1. Hannah you should put music on thr blog like Sam's blog!

  2. I really like the first picture! :) It was so neat to see a foreground, background, and middleground. :D
    I also love the pictures of you and Karah...cute. :D

    Tell the kids that their sandcastle is neat! I like the drawbridge. :D