Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tarzan, Jane, and a few monkeys!

Ok, so they're not really Tarzan and Jane, but "monkeys" does seem to fit for this picture. :)

Here are some of our late blooming lilies...not really late, but they are for around here! :)

Another lily..........

And back to the monkeys. :) Heres Judah........

These are the flowers on that tree they were climbing in...they smell wonderful!

That tree is tall!! And wide.....

Tarzan....aka Josiah
And Jane...aka Sarah

And the cutest little monkey of the bunch, Karah
Self-taken photo of your authoress :)

And Moriah....seriously sis, this was the ONLY good picture I got of you, so be glad I didn't put any of the others up!

I worked at the library for three hours today, since they'll be closed tomorrow....it was VERY (and I mean very) quiet the whole time I was there. Two other volunteers were there as well, so I didn't have much to do. We had a couple carts full of books and videos, but all I really did was shelve-check, because they both took the carts and went off to shelve them.....which was fine by me, since I was more in the mood to shelve-check. :D At one point, I literally had nothing to do, so Mrs. Ida asked me to cut off all the dead leaves and flowers from the plants in the children's section! lol I never thought I'd do any gardening when I agreed to volunteer! :) It was fun, except when the pollen from the flowers kept showering me in white dust. *shudders* It got everywhere, so I had to figure out how to cut them off without shaking them or the other flowers.

I'd better get going......

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  1. Oh, you'll find that working at the library calls for all kinds of jobs...not just books! You get to fix the toilet, fix the computers, water plants, vacuum floors, etc. :D
    Those lilies are gorgeous. And your siblings are cute. :D