Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some Karah pics....

I've finally got some more Karah pictures to post. :) We went outside this afternoon to "pick" rocks (in her words) and she decided she'd like to do pictures again...I let her have the camera after a little while, and she did a pretty good job again. :D I deleted more than I saved, but still... ;)

One of Karah's creative shots....

Cute Karah

I thought this was a rather cute/sweet picture she took...her little pudgy feet next to the flowers. :)

Buddy, our guard dog as always

I just love her expressions!
I got one of Josiah too! :D

Instructing me on how to take pictures of her
She took this one of me!
Sittin on the tree
a bit blurry...another of her works :)
Sisters :D

Karah insisted on posing with Buddy...which wasn't that hard to accomplish, for once. :)
She has a fascination for posing in these bushes...
Gotta love that dog! :D
Here Buddy is, demonstrating his favorite thing to do outside:

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  1. Hee...that's ok. :D I figured it was a mistake. :)
    Thanks! :D