Saturday, July 21, 2007

Several Finished projects!!

Ok, now that I know Sam and her family have their package, I can post the pictures of the things I made! lol

Here is a purse I made for Sam, using a pair of Moriah's jeans (thanks sis!), some ribbons my Mom had, and some material left over from my quilt (which is still in the works...). I used the general instructions for how to make it from a sewing magazine we had, and did some adding on my own....Basically all I did was cut the legs off, sew the bottom seam, then sew the lining and attach it. I also added a little pocket under the lining, that is accessable through the front zipper, and used some of Mom's velcro for the closure.

Here's a front view:

back view:

And a view of the inside:

Here is the scarf and scrunchie Sarah asked me to make for one of Sam's sisters. I love working with fun-fur! :)

The scarf and scrunchie Karah requested for Sam's youngest (currently, youngest) sister:

Some crocheted potholders:

And a knitted bookmarker I made for another penpal of mine who had a birthday earlier this month:

I'm still working on getting a picture of Sarah's t-shirt dress, and still have to finish her other dress (like Karah's long purple dress), Karah's night gown, Mom's nursing dress, Moriah's and my dresses, as well as a few more things! Whew....our sewing machine is definitely getting going to be tested to it's limit! lol I've got some more projects to post pictures of, that I've actually finished, but I don't actually have the pictures yet. ;)


  1. I love my purse!!! :D Thank-you so much for it!! I'm going to have to bring it in and show it off to my teacher!!! Oh, thank-you!! :)

  2. Your welcome Hannah! It really didn't matter to me about the jeans because the next time I would have been able to wear them they would be to small. Where did you get those at again? Target? I have to get Hannah make me one like yours Sam!