Monday, July 2, 2007

Keeping Karah busy!

Here are some pictures for you I said yesterday, today was our first day of school, and since Karah and I share a room, I was pretty much in charge of keeping her busy so the rest of us could do our school work. Mom is planning to teach her to read later this year, and she does coloring pages for "school work" but she was in a really grumpy mood when she woke up, and made a fuss when I asked her to color, so I decided to have her paint some of her rocks instead. :) She, Sarah and the boys all have a huge collection of rocks that they've found outside, and she really liked the idea, so I got out my paints and paintbrushes, got some newspaper and some water, and let her get to work! She painted tons of rocks, and the only mess she made was on herself. (I conveniently forgot to have her wear something over her clothes....hopefully that paint will come out!!) After the boys were done with their school work, they joined her, and Josiah even painted part of an old horseshoe that he found! :) Here are the pictures:

Karah painting her rocks....

Her painting stuff....

Josiah had a really big rock (about the size of his hand, and very heavy....he dropped it on my foot a few days ago *grimace*)

Messy messy hands!

A few of the rocks that Karah painted. :)

I didn't have very much school work this morning, so I was done by 11:15am. I did take a break for breakfast (chocolate shakes :D and breakfast pizza....our favorite breakfast!) as well as several shorter breaks to bother Jeremy and Moriah while they were working. :D I got my desk cleaned off before I started my school had gotten pretty cluttered, with all my papers and stuff. :)

I've got some more things I want to post about, but I have to hurry and get off....


  1. lol...cute pictures. I'm amazed. All Karah did was get herself dirty!!! At our house we use only watercolors and the little 'uns get it all over the table!!!! :)

  2. You got that right Hannah! Well, don't worry, I'll bother you plenty tomorrow! today when she was painting she kind of got the floor with the paint to.