Monday, July 23, 2007

Interesting evening....

Last night, while Daddy and the boys were playing baseball, Jeremy broke his ankle. :( Mom and Dad rushed him to the ER, and were there for four hours, getting X-rays, and all that....He broke his tibia (the big bone in the shin...) all the way to the growth plate, so he'll have to be really careful while it's healing, which could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. He's doing ok, but is really uncomfortable...before he left with Mom and Dad, he looked so white that I thought he would faint, and was being really quiet, which, for him, means he's in a lot of pain. He's doing better now, but is still in a lot of pain....

While they were gone, I finished baking the muffins Mom had been working on, and did some other stuff in the kitchen, while I had the other kids playing puzzles, and watching a movie. it was a looooonnnnnnggg evening, to say the least!

For lack of anything else to post, I figured I'd post this pic of Karah, from our photo shoot. She was attempting to run away from me... :)


  1. Oh, man! Poor guy! I'll be praying for him!

  2. Hello HannahBeth!
    This is Sarah Jane! Hehe ;-)
    Thanks for giving me your blog name!
    Oh! Thats too bad your brother broke his ankle! :-( I hope he's doing better! :-)
    Amy :-)