Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I survived!! I'm breathing!!

Hee...ok, I was getting a bit dramatic there... :) Today, for the weekly Summer Reading Program Special for the kids, there was a reptile guy who brought in some of his turtles, lizards, and, of course, SNAKES!! But, before I get to that, I'll talk about how it went with my "normal" library work. ;) There were about 5 volunteers (including myself) there, so I didn't have to do much shelving (and we couldn't have, even if we wanted to, because the line of kids and parents waiting for the show was literally so long that they were wrapping around the bookshelves all over the children's area!) but I did get to teach a new volunteer where everything gets put, and how to shelve each different section.....two of the girls left early, so it was just me, Ashley, and Janika (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) towards the end. The whole time, it was crazy....there were so many people there, with all the noise, it was really bad. All the librarians were constantly after the kids who were running, or pulling books off the shelves and bringing them to the desk, putting them on the carts (yep, there were even a few kids doing that! They must not like me very to say, if I come to the snake show next year, it won't be to work! lol
Now about the snakes......I was really hoping that I could touch one of the snakes...I really was! I wouldn't want to hold one, of course, but I'd at least like to touch a snake, other than a dead one. :) Anyhow, the guy was really interesting....he was very informative, and gave lots of good information about how to tell a poisonous snake from a harmless snake (he only really covered the ones found in North Carolina though...) and what to do if you find a snake in your yard (kill it!! Free advice from, me :D), and all that.....He brought along several of his own snakes, as well as one of his turtles. But the turtles weren't as interesting as the snakes. ;D Ms. Forsythe (the children's director) was having the time of her life with the snakes! lol She loves reptiles, and she, at one point, was carrying around two of his smaller snakes for the children to see and touch. :) So many of the children would scream if they even came near it though, so it was pretty loud when the snakes were brought out! lol As I said before, I had wanted to be able to touch one of them, but there were so many people surrounding them that I couldn't even try. :(
There was one that I did NOT want to touch though.....a python! I don't know exactly how long it was, but it took fourteen people to hold it! (They had to have almost every inch of the snake held, or she would become insecure and start to coil the snake guy put it "And when she gets insecure, everybody gets insecure!" Amen!) And guess who was holding the head?! Ms. Forsythe!! :D I kind of expected that she would, though... :) The python was huge....and intimidating.....and I made sure to avoid it. :) I thought about touching it, but, again couldn't get near it, so I backed down. Oohhhh!! When they were showing around the smaller snakes, there were about 5 or 6 of them going around the room (which is pretty big), and when the guy had everyone bring them back so he could put them away, boy you should have heard the screams when he said "Oops! Looks like they're not all here!" LOL They were there, just in different hands.....we didn't have to go on any wild snake hunts. :)
Something about working at the library makes me so tired, and starving too! I'm off to go get some food.... :D


  1. WOW! Actually I think it would be cool to hold a python if it had been fed! I'm glad I wasn't at the library that sounded like it was pretty noisy!

  2. Doesn't working make you hungry?!! I'm usually starving for supper when I get out of work! :) What a neat program. :D A python?!! Our neighbor would've LOVED that! She loves snakes...(She's in my driver's ed...and was in the internship too!)