Sunday, July 1, 2007

First day of school!

Our first day of school is tomorrow.....As Vincent tradition dictates, we'll be having chocolate shakes with our breakfast! :D I've got my first six weeks of school work all planned out, and hopefully I'll be able to get ahead, since I don't have quite that much to do this year. At first glance it seems like a lot, but some of my subjects are very short, or don't take up very much time. I'm going to start limiting my computer time, so that I can focus more on my school work, as well as knitting, and replying to letters! I've been letting them pile up for quite some time, and I really need to start answering them more promptly! If I haven't replied to your letter yet, I'll probably be replying to it later this week, since I've decided to spend about thirty minutes a day answering letters!'s a list of what subjects I'm doing this year:
Spanish (along with Jeremy, who is starting high school this year!),
British Literature (I get to read P&P all over again *squeals* and so many other good ones...), World History,
Sign Language (I'm continuing it from last year...I really want to get good at it!),
Health and P.E. ( I enjoy, P.E....not so much! lol),
Accounting (I was supposed to do it last year...but I won't go into that again),
Piano and Guitar,
Bible History (pretty much free style...I'm not using a text book or anything...)

Among those, I think my favorite will probably be.......either World History, Bible History, British Lit, Accounting, or Spanish. I'm very decisive! :) My least favorite without a doubt will be P.E., but I really need to do it.... Oh yes, I'm going to be a Junoir this year! :D Only two more years.....

I could write a lot more, but I don't have the time....I need to get to bed! I've got an early start in the morning, and I am NOT a morning person unless I get tons of sleep at night! :)


  1. Oh, wow! You sound like you'll be soo busy! Ooohhh! Chocolate shakes?!!!!! Oh, well, I had a caramel coffee yesterday, so I should be satisfied. :) Well, keep an eye on my blog...I hope to post pictures tomorrow or later this week! :) I just need to upload them all!!! :)

  2. Ooh! Caramel Coffee!!! Yum! :D
    Ok, I'll be watching. :)

  3. Caramel coffee?! I need to ask mom if we can get some! Hey, I am doing spanish to!