Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Destruction! :D

Last night, I felt in a destructive mood, so I decided to cut hair....Josiah, Judah, Karah, and Sarah all got haircuts (though Karah just needed her bangs done...) as a result. :) The boys, of course, didn't want to pose for pictures, but Sarah was willing. Here's her new look. :D

I personally think it looks a little like Kit's (from American Girl) hairstyle... :) It wasn't really supposed to end up being that short, but....well, that's what happens when I'm in a destructive mood. :D ;)
Today at the library was exhausting!! I worked for almost 4 hours, because Mom ran some errands, and had a doctor's appointment which wasn't until 3:30pm, and I usually get off at four. It was interesting though...the bird guy was the special program today, and it was really fun to watch (listen, really) him do all the stuff with his birds. :) He had one huge parrot, about 3 feet long from the top of his head to the end of his tail feather! It didn't talk much, but it was still funny....I only heard it say two words: "Hello" and "Goodbye." lol Ashley (one of the other volunteers who works the same times as I do) and I were helping to move the tables back into the conference room after the show was over, and since the guy was still getting his stuff taken down, the birds were still in there. Mrs. Nancy decided to pester the parrot, to try to get him to talk, and he finally said "Hello" (really loudly)....then, when we were done setting up the tables (which were really heavy!) she pestered him again, and just as she gave up and started to walk out the door, he screeched, "Good-bye!!" startling Ashley, myself, Mrs. Nancy, and the other librarian who was in there!! It was hilarious though....
I did so many different things besides shelving books today (for once!). :) I got to help some of the kids get on the computers, help set up the tables (as I mentioned above), help file some things, help several people find books that the system said were missing (our computer system is constantly saying books are missing when they are right there on the shelf....and people are having to pay overdue fees for it too!), go upstairs on an errand for Mrs. Linda (riding a noisy elevator which made uncomforting it was getting stuck or something...), and clean up the baby play area...putting away several puzzles. :) The last one, Ashley and I only did because we were so bored of just sitting at the desk, waiting for people to bring in books for us to shelve. :) I had fun today, but I think I may have picked up a cold while throat started aching right before I left, and now my head is starting to feel awful. :S
Someone from church gave us a whole bunch of patterns and fabric!! :D I haven't looked through any of it yet, but I'm just really excited about it. :)
I've been fiddling around with my blog template and design....if it looks a bit weird for the next few days it's because I'm working on trying to fancy it up a bit. :D
Oh! :D I'm almost done with health!!! :D And I've only been at it for 3 1/2's a 12 week course, but I love it, so I've been doing extra.. :) I'm ahead in History too, but everything else except for science and Spanish I'm on track with....Spanish I'm behind in because things keep happening to the computer (the Spanish program won't work on my laptop, unfortunately...) and Daddy keeps on having to re-install it, which puts me back right at lesson one. :/ I think I'm going to wait until we can get a new computer, so I don't have to keep doing it over and over again! :)
Jeremy is doing better now...he got his cast on Monday (it's Carolina blue....ugh! I told him to get Duke blue, but I knew he wouldn't...he hates Duke. :( Yankee blue would've been better.... *grin*).
I'm off to start messing with my design again! :D

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