Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Baby Shower....

Mom's baby shower was this afternoon, right after church. I made the cake over this weekend, and put the finishing touches on it this morning, before Mom and we kids left for church (Dad and Jeremy leave early because Dad sings with the praise and worship team, and Jeremy does sound and the slides [the lyrics to the songs, and the scripture during the sermon]). I did some color flow pieces (those are the really hard candies that are basically just sugar), and you have to wait 48 hours to let them harden, so I couldn't put them on until today. The cake (despite literally falling apart when I took it out of the pan....) turned out pretty well, and everyone liked it (I hope! lol). Before I forget to include one, here is a picture of it that I quickly got before we left! :)

A close-up view:

And another one, so you can actually see the words. :) I didn't center them very well....

Just so you can see what a mess I made of it.....this is what it looked like after I got it out of the pan! All those little lines are where I had to cut it to get it out in smaller pieces...

I thought I had some more pictures, but I guess I don't. *puzzled look* Anyways....the baby shower went really well, there were several ladies there, as well as quite a few younger children (mostly little girls...there was only one little boy! lol). I got to hold a really little (and I mean really little! ) baby girl, who must have been only a couple weeks old, and she was so cute!!! It's been ages since I actually held a "real" baby (real as in "young enough that they aren't sitting up and other words, a newborn *smiles*) so it was so exciting to finally be able to hold a baby, even if it was only for a few minutes while her mom ate. :) She was asleep the whole time, so I didn't even have to deal with a baby who doesn't like anyone but his/her Mom! :D Karah was begging to be allowed to hold her, but Mom didn't let her, since the baby was so small....Anyways.....we now have quite a few outfits for Micah (as well as other stuff, but being a girl, I'm all about the clothes :D)......we had some before (thanks to the Skinners, Mrs. Judy, and the few clothes left over from the older boys :D), but now Mom says we've got enough. lol My favorite outfit that we got today (most came from the little baby girl's aunt and mom....they went on a shopping spree for clothes! lol) is a a one piece thing that is white, with a green print, and the only thing that I really remember about it is that it says "Prince Charming" on it. :D It's really cute...and I hope Micah can wear it really soon after he's born! After we girls and Mom got back home after the shower, we finally cleared out the space in Mom and Dad's room where the play-pen/baby bed will go, and got everything put away. After that, I took a short nap (more like *tried* to.....Karah doesn't understand why she should leave someone alone when they are laying down during the daytime. lol), and then I worked on my letter to my soldier. :) I had to go online to see what her current address is, because after I sent my first letter, she had just moved to a different location, so she apparently didn't receive this time I wanted to make sure I get the right address before I send it. :)

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to post tomorrow....I really thought I had several up on here (the computer). *perplexed look* Ah well....... ;) Ciao!


  1. That outfit your talking about is white with green polka dots on it and a frog and it says "Prince Charming" and it's footed, it's my favorite outfit to!

  2. Awww...what a cute cake! You did excellent work on it, HannahBeth! :)

    That outfit sounds really cute. :) hee hee...