Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The second one....

And some of us singing "The Rumor Weed". From l to r: Me, Karah, Judah (who looks positively thrilled to be in the middle of four girls!!), Moriah and Sarah. Josiah was filming.....


Ok, here are several videos....
This is Josiah just being crazy! The end is really funny...

I'll post the next video in just a minute! :D

Monday, July 30, 2007


Last night, myself and the younger kids (everyone excepting Jeremy) were in a really goofy mood (really goofy!!), and started doing some really crazy videos. :) I haven't uploaded them online yet, but when I do I'll make sure to put at least one on here. :D

Josiah and Judah were especially funny....and Josiah did a few videos of we girls and Judah singing some veggitales songs. :) The only really good one was "The Rumor Weed," but we also did "Good morning, George" :D That one I can't post, because Judah got a bit too goofy...but anyways......

Sarah took this (I think.....) of me while Moriah and I were discussing what things we should bring with us to camp in October. :) I know, I know! It's still a couple months away, but we're both really excited about it. :D

I've been doing a lot of knitting today.....I did a little bit of school work this afternoon, and was able to finish the rest of my health stuff. :D It was a really short course anyway......I'm almost half done with Accounting, but everything else I'll not get done early. :) At least, not as early as probably March or April.......
I'm off to look for music videos! :D

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's done. :)

Well, I'm done fiddling around with the design for my blog. :) I have separate pages now for the links and such, as well as a few other pages on my sidebar. :D

Until I can get together a "real" post, here's a picture. :)

Daddy with three of the younger ones...and the dog. :)

Have a great evening!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tomorrow... :D

I've been working on it a bit more today, and hopefully I should be completely (well....I'm always making little changes here and there..) done by tomorrow evening. :D With the design of my blog, that is. :)

Here are some pictures of this week's happenings. :D

I went outside to take pictures of the other kids, and Judah requested that I let him take a picture. This was the result! :D

Josiah agreed to pose in exchange to be allowed to use the camera as well. :)

Josiah took this one of Karah. :)

And this one of we girls (or most of us, anyway)

Sarah got in on it too, and took this one of myself and Karah. :)

And another one...
A bit more sanity showing through... ;)
I turned around to find Buddy trimming the hedges....by pulling off the odd branches. :/ At least it was more productive than digging needless holes. ;)

They've been building sand castles quite a bit lately, and have "hired" me as the "royal photographer".. :D
Here's the faithful watchdog
The four builders. :)
One more of their castles...complete with a river and drawbridge!

More in just a moment! :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Destruction! :D

Last night, I felt in a destructive mood, so I decided to cut hair....Josiah, Judah, Karah, and Sarah all got haircuts (though Karah just needed her bangs done...) as a result. :) The boys, of course, didn't want to pose for pictures, but Sarah was willing. Here's her new look. :D

I personally think it looks a little like Kit's (from American Girl) hairstyle... :) It wasn't really supposed to end up being that short, but....well, that's what happens when I'm in a destructive mood. :D ;)
Today at the library was exhausting!! I worked for almost 4 hours, because Mom ran some errands, and had a doctor's appointment which wasn't until 3:30pm, and I usually get off at four. It was interesting though...the bird guy was the special program today, and it was really fun to watch (listen, really) him do all the stuff with his birds. :) He had one huge parrot, about 3 feet long from the top of his head to the end of his tail feather! It didn't talk much, but it was still funny....I only heard it say two words: "Hello" and "Goodbye." lol Ashley (one of the other volunteers who works the same times as I do) and I were helping to move the tables back into the conference room after the show was over, and since the guy was still getting his stuff taken down, the birds were still in there. Mrs. Nancy decided to pester the parrot, to try to get him to talk, and he finally said "Hello" (really loudly)....then, when we were done setting up the tables (which were really heavy!) she pestered him again, and just as she gave up and started to walk out the door, he screeched, "Good-bye!!" startling Ashley, myself, Mrs. Nancy, and the other librarian who was in there!! It was hilarious though....
I did so many different things besides shelving books today (for once!). :) I got to help some of the kids get on the computers, help set up the tables (as I mentioned above), help file some things, help several people find books that the system said were missing (our computer system is constantly saying books are missing when they are right there on the shelf....and people are having to pay overdue fees for it too!), go upstairs on an errand for Mrs. Linda (riding a noisy elevator which made uncomforting sounds....like it was getting stuck or something...), and clean up the baby play area...putting away several puzzles. :) The last one, Ashley and I only did because we were so bored of just sitting at the desk, waiting for people to bring in books for us to shelve. :) I had fun today, but I think I may have picked up a cold while there....my throat started aching right before I left, and now my head is starting to feel awful. :S
Someone from church gave us a whole bunch of patterns and fabric!! :D I haven't looked through any of it yet, but I'm just really excited about it. :)
I've been fiddling around with my blog template and design....if it looks a bit weird for the next few days it's because I'm working on trying to fancy it up a bit. :D
Oh! :D I'm almost done with health!!! :D And I've only been at it for 3 1/2 weeks....it's a 12 week course, but I love it, so I've been doing extra.. :) I'm ahead in History too, but everything else except for science and Spanish I'm on track with....Spanish I'm behind in because things keep happening to the computer (the Spanish program won't work on my laptop, unfortunately...) and Daddy keeps on having to re-install it, which puts me back right at lesson one. :/ I think I'm going to wait until we can get a new computer, so I don't have to keep doing it over and over again! :)
Jeremy is doing better now...he got his cast on Monday (it's Carolina blue....ugh! I told him to get Duke blue, but I knew he wouldn't...he hates Duke. :( Yankee blue would've been better.... *grin*).
I'm off to start messing with my design again! :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Interesting evening....

Last night, while Daddy and the boys were playing baseball, Jeremy broke his ankle. :( Mom and Dad rushed him to the ER, and were there for four hours, getting X-rays, and all that....He broke his tibia (the big bone in the shin...) all the way to the growth plate, so he'll have to be really careful while it's healing, which could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. He's doing ok, but is really uncomfortable...before he left with Mom and Dad, he looked so white that I thought he would faint, and was being really quiet, which, for him, means he's in a lot of pain. He's doing better now, but is still in a lot of pain....

While they were gone, I finished baking the muffins Mom had been working on, and did some other stuff in the kitchen, while I had the other kids playing puzzles, and watching a movie. it was a looooonnnnnnggg evening, to say the least!

For lack of anything else to post, I figured I'd post this pic of Karah, from our photo shoot. She was attempting to run away from me... :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here's a cute shot of my favorite dog....and two of my favorite sisters :D (Sarah and Karah)

Photo courtesy of Moriah....

Several Finished projects!!

Ok, now that I know Sam and her family have their package, I can post the pictures of the things I made! lol

Here is a purse I made for Sam, using a pair of Moriah's jeans (thanks sis!), some ribbons my Mom had, and some material left over from my quilt (which is still in the works...). I used the general instructions for how to make it from a sewing magazine we had, and did some adding on my own....Basically all I did was cut the legs off, sew the bottom seam, then sew the lining and attach it. I also added a little pocket under the lining, that is accessable through the front zipper, and used some of Mom's velcro for the closure.

Here's a front view:

back view:

And a view of the inside:

Here is the scarf and scrunchie Sarah asked me to make for one of Sam's sisters. I love working with fun-fur! :)

The scarf and scrunchie Karah requested for Sam's youngest (currently, youngest) sister:

Some crocheted potholders:

And a knitted bookmarker I made for another penpal of mine who had a birthday earlier this month:

I'm still working on getting a picture of Sarah's t-shirt dress, and still have to finish her other dress (like Karah's long purple dress), Karah's night gown, Mom's nursing dress, Moriah's and my dresses, as well as a few more things! Whew....our sewing machine is definitely getting going to be tested to it's limit! lol I've got some more projects to post pictures of, that I've actually finished, but I don't actually have the pictures yet. ;)

Some Karah pics....

I've finally got some more Karah pictures to post. :) We went outside this afternoon to "pick" rocks (in her words) and she decided she'd like to do pictures again...I let her have the camera after a little while, and she did a pretty good job again. :D I deleted more than I saved, but still... ;)

One of Karah's creative shots....

Cute Karah

I thought this was a rather cute/sweet picture she took...her little pudgy feet next to the flowers. :)

Buddy, our guard dog as always

I just love her expressions!
I got one of Josiah too! :D

Instructing me on how to take pictures of her
She took this one of me!
Sittin on the tree
a bit blurry...another of her works :)
Sisters :D

Karah insisted on posing with Buddy...which wasn't that hard to accomplish, for once. :)
She has a fascination for posing in these bushes...
Gotta love that dog! :D
Here Buddy is, demonstrating his favorite thing to do outside:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun with the camera...

The other day I was bored (yeah! lol) so since I had no little willing model, I went outside and did a little experimenting the different angles with the camera.....nothing remarkable, just some little interesting (to me, at least) shots.....The first three are of our "climbing tree" :)

Mrs. Sally cut these Daisies and Black Eyed Susans from her garden, and used them as decorations for the baby shower on Sunday....she gave them to us to take home! :D A few shots of them......


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I survived!! I'm breathing!!

Hee...ok, I was getting a bit dramatic there... :) Today, for the weekly Summer Reading Program Special for the kids, there was a reptile guy who brought in some of his turtles, lizards, and, of course, SNAKES!! But, before I get to that, I'll talk about how it went with my "normal" library work. ;) There were about 5 volunteers (including myself) there, so I didn't have to do much shelving (and we couldn't have, even if we wanted to, because the line of kids and parents waiting for the show was literally so long that they were wrapping around the bookshelves all over the children's area!) but I did get to teach a new volunteer where everything gets put, and how to shelve each different section.....two of the girls left early, so it was just me, Ashley, and Janika (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) towards the end. The whole time, it was crazy....there were so many people there, with all the noise, it was really bad. All the librarians were constantly after the kids who were running, or pulling books off the shelves and bringing them to the desk, putting them on the carts (yep, there were even a few kids doing that! They must not like me very well....lol).....needless to say, if I come to the snake show next year, it won't be to work! lol
Now about the snakes......I was really hoping that I could touch one of the snakes...I really was! I wouldn't want to hold one, of course, but I'd at least like to touch a snake, other than a dead one. :) Anyhow, the guy was really interesting....he was very informative, and gave lots of good information about how to tell a poisonous snake from a harmless snake (he only really covered the ones found in North Carolina though...) and what to do if you find a snake in your yard (kill it!! Free advice from, me :D), and all that.....He brought along several of his own snakes, as well as one of his turtles. But the turtles weren't as interesting as the snakes. ;D Ms. Forsythe (the children's director) was having the time of her life with the snakes! lol She loves reptiles, and she, at one point, was carrying around two of his smaller snakes for the children to see and touch. :) So many of the children would scream if they even came near it though, so it was pretty loud when the snakes were brought out! lol As I said before, I had wanted to be able to touch one of them, but there were so many people surrounding them that I couldn't even try. :(
There was one that I did NOT want to touch though.....a python! I don't know exactly how long it was, but it took fourteen people to hold it! (They had to have almost every inch of the snake held, or she would become insecure and start to coil up....as the snake guy put it "And when she gets insecure, everybody gets insecure!" Amen!) And guess who was holding the head?! Ms. Forsythe!! :D I kind of expected that she would, though... :) The python was huge....and intimidating.....and scary....so I made sure to avoid it. :) I thought about touching it, but, again couldn't get near it, so I backed down. Oohhhh!! When they were showing around the smaller snakes, there were about 5 or 6 of them going around the room (which is pretty big), and when the guy had everyone bring them back so he could put them away, boy you should have heard the screams when he said "Oops! Looks like they're not all here!" LOL They were there, just in different hands.....we didn't have to go on any wild snake hunts. :)
Something about working at the library makes me so tired, and starving too! I'm off to go get some food.... :D

Monday, July 16, 2007


I just got these pictures of Karah a few minutes ago....when she came out she had Sarah's sunglasses on, and was being cute, so I started snapping! :)

This is my favorite! :D I didn't realize she did that until I uploaded them...

"school marm Karah" (lol)

And just plain cute. :)