Thursday, June 7, 2007

Photo sessions....again!

Karah and I have been doing a lot of picture-taking recently....I think when I uploaded pictures yesterday there were about 200..... :) I was going to do some last night, but I was too tired to get back on to post all of these! Don't worry, there aren't 200 pictures in this post! lol But there are quite a few.....

I worked for 3 long and hot hours at the library on Wednesday, and the entire time I was shelving books and videos. And re-shelving books.......When I first got there, Mrs. Nancy was going through the shelves looking for books that were mis-shelved, so I took over for her, and together I think we found about 30-40 mis-shelved books, and that was only the Juvenile Fiction! I dread the day we decide to do the non-fiction....that section is SUCH a mess! :( Mis-shelved books aside, I really do like working at the library, and I've found so many books that I want to check out. :D The only thing that happened this time that I feel is worth mentioning, is that two little boys (maybe 7 and 8 years old) were playing quietly near some of the books, when they found that the library is being infested with ants! :( I don't mind ants, if they are outside, and leave me alone, but inside, and especially near books (but most especially near baby books!!) I will NOT tolerate them! It was creepy going to shelve the baby board books, and finding ants all over the place...hopefully the library will have someone take care of this problem before Wednesday, because that is when the Summer Reading Program kick-off is, and thousands of people will be coming through all day!

Here are the pictures:
Karah sitting in Josiah's "redneck" (*rolls eyes*) chair. :) She got into the eye shadow before we started taking pictures......
She found a bug on the front porch.....

The dinner bell........Moriah "bought" (Mrs. Judy bought it for her) it to give to Mom. :)
Jeremy found this moth on the side porch......

A self-photo of myself and Karah....
Believe it or not, Karah actually took this picture!! No, I'm not lying: my three year old sister took this picture!!!!! She was begging to be allowed to take pictures, so I let her have the camera, and when I started looking through the pictures she'd taken I found several that were really good! :) My feet aren't really that big
Another picture that Karah took. :)
This is my favorite of her "abstract" photos....she has an interesting way of trying to capture a certain angle....its hilarious to watch her! :)
Back behind the camera again! :D

I love her expression!

My personal favorite.........

The tree that we need to take out of the garden.....pretty much everything else is going to go as well, but I'm going to save the bulbs and replant them, so even though the plants will be gone, they'll grow back, and we won't have to buy new ones. :)
Picking Lilies.

And this is the part of the garden that I've already taken care of.......not very much, but I was only using a small spade......Next week I'm going to use the big shovel instead! :)

Yesterday afternoon, I sewed a dress for Karah, out of some material that I bought at Hancocks (they're officially closing tomorrow :( ), and today I'm going to finish the sash and fix the's a deep purple, and the sash will be a lighter purple....I bought three whole bolts (35.2 yards!!) for only $25! :) I'm planning on making matching dresses for all of us girls, and after Mama has Micah I might make one for her as well, but I also have another dress to make for her, so we'll see. :) I'm going to post pictures of Karah in her dress after its finished on my project blog later this evening.....


  1. Hannah, actually I got the picture of the moth.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Man, I haven't been to your blog in a long while. So the baby's to be a boy, is it? Well, at least that will even the count again. (although no "J" name, eh?) Love you! ~Debbie

  3. Hey! You finally got a taste of shelve-checking. How'd you like it? lol.