Sunday, June 3, 2007

My current sewing project!

On Thursday I started working on the spit-rags that Mom bought material for, and asked me to sew up. Thursday I just cut the material out, because it was so hot (I've been working on my sewing out on our screened in porch. :D), then on Friday I started sewing some of them. I have quite a few to make, but I've already gotten a little more than half of them completed. :) The material I'm using to make them is:

Equal lengths of some cute print-fleece (it has purple, pink and yellow bears on a blue background, with clouds) and some solid blue cotton, and for the "filling" or middle, we're using some old towels that I cut to be a bit smaller than the other material. :) Anyways, here are some step-by-step pictures that Sarah took of the process of making one of the rags.

First, the fleece, with the pattern side up:
Next, the cotton:
And finally, the towel, or, for a couple of them, I used more doesn't matter which way the pattern faces for the middle:
Starting on a long side, sew all the way around, leaving one short end unsewn. I used a wide zig-zag stitch for both the sewing together and for the decoration.

After the three sides are sewn, cut off the four corners. This keeps it from bunching up when you turn it right-side out.

Turn it right-side out, fixing the fabric so that it doesn't bunch up inside, and lays completely flat

On the short end that is open, fold in the cotton and towel, and then the fleece, making sure to keep it neat and the end straight

Starting with one of the corners on that short end (you may have to keep the presser foot, or whatever that thing is called, up because it might be to thick to run through on it's own), sew around all four sides.

And you're done! :) It's really easy, and quick, to make.

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