Sunday, June 10, 2007

Karah's Dress

Well, I am done with Karah's dress! Well, I still have to do the lace about the collar, but other than that it is done. :D Here are some pictures of it....I didn't use a pattern, but combined ideas from several patterns I've seen on the internet, so I can't really send you to a specific pattern, but mostly it is after this pattern (the 1914 Afternoon Dress great grandmother on Mom's side was born in 1914, though that didn't have anything to do with my decision to do her dress after that pattern ;) ), but with more of an empire waist. I probably should have made it a regular waist, because when she tried on the sash, she refused to let me have it sit where it should....(go figure) But, here are the pictures of it....all of it was machine-sewn, except for the sleeves, which I sewed by hand:

Here she is, (none of these pictures have the sash in it.....I'll try to get one with it later on) with her cowgirl hat.....I don't see the connection, but she insisted on taking it with us outside for the pictures. :)
Picking up her hat.....................
Here's a better shot of it.......the skirt comes to her ankles, and the sleeves are to her elbows, even though they were supposed to be shorter...I like them like that though. :)
Here's a back view.....there isn't a zipper, because I got so excited about actually sewing a dress that I forgot to cut the fabric to allow room for a zipper.......but the neckhole is still big enough for her head to fit through. :)
And a good front view......I'm so glad the camera finally captured the actual color of the's such a beautiful purple! :D
And sitting prettily on the bench......

Next project (for sewing, at least): Sarah's dress! I have several crocheted and knitted projects to finish or photograph, so pictures should be coming soon. :)

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  1. Oh, my! It's soo cute! *sighs* I can't wait until I'm a good a sewer as you!