Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun in the Sun, er, pool! :)

I've finally uploaded the pictures of the other kids when they were in the pool the other day....I couldn't find the camera cable to hook up to the computer, and finally found it right above my head (on a shelf, of course *winks*). *blush* Daddy was organizing the things around the laptop, so of course I've been having a harder time finding things....he is a superb organizer, with the ability to put things just where you would most expect them to be, but where I don't............Anyhow ;) here are some of the pictures....Sarah, Josiah, Judah and Karah were in the pool while I was taking them, Moriah was probably on the computer, and Jeremy was probably on the gamecube. :)

Buddy loves to just lay around outside while we're in the pool.....occasionally he comes over to us to give us kisses, but he won't get in the water for some reason. :)

Sarah found our old bathing suits with those tube things for Karah, so she wore that since she doesn't really have a bathing suit. :) I tried to get her to let me pull her around in the water (holding her under her arms with her laying on her back, like she's gliding) but she's too scared that she'll get water in her face to let me try it yet. :)

Josiah....I'm not sure what he was doing, but with how difficult it is to get pictures of him, where he's actually cooperating I have to take whatever pose I can get! lol Last summer Mama got these swimming suits for the two youngest boys and Karah, which have foam things inside to help them float.....

Judah, swimming obviously. :)

A pretty shot to show you about how big the pool is. :)

Grr....I'm going to have to wait until later to post the rest...unless Moriah wants to do it. :) For some reason the computer isn't letting me load any more....

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  1. I would post some...but i'm not on the laptop. Actually, I was on the gamcube with Jeremy. :)