Friday, May 25, 2007

My gift!

My gift for the gift exchange from Abigail arrived this morning!! We were getting ready to leave for the chiropractor, but I quickly tried on the dress that she sewed for me! :D I love it!! If we hadn't been going to the chiropractor, I would've worn it when we went out....I think I'll wear it if Mom lets me go grocery shopping with her! :) Just a few minutes ago, Moriah took a picture of it on me (I'm wearing it right now), so here's a glimpse of Abi's wonderful sewing skills! I am smiling, but slightly....the camera wasn't cooperating, so I was just a bit frustrated with it. lol

I'm wearing a white shirt under it, but the dress and sash came from Abigail. :D Thank you so much Abi!!!! I love it!!! :D


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got it!! I was begining to worry it got lost in the mail! :S lol! I'm not that good of a seamstress! I think this was probably my first thing other then little easy pillows!! LOL! :D My mom helped me all the way!! Shes real good!! I'm so glad you're happy with it!! :D :D