Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My afternoon at the library

My first afternoon working at the library was lots of fun! :) Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Ida (the two main children's librarians, who I will be working with) are so funny to listen to them chattering.....they both have a great sense of humor, and they're both Christians. :D But anyways....
When I first got there, Mrs. Nancy showed me how to shelve the elementary books, the easy reader books, and the books-in-a-bag (I already knew how to shelve the Juvenile fiction, non-fiction, and everything else, and those sections were pretty much the same, but I wasn't familiar with them because, frankly, I never really care to borrow a Dr. Seuss or Curious George book ;)) , then I started shelving two carts of elementary and easy reader books. It was pretty warm in the library yesterday, so after I got done shelving the books, Mrs. Nancy told me to take a break, so I got some water, and browsed the DVDs....(they finally got the third movie in the Anne of Green Gables series!!! :D Now they only need to get the second ) After my break, Mrs. Nancy and I worked on deleting the books from the system that they are getting rid of (Mrs. Nancy did that) and I stamped them all after she did that. I love stamping, so I had lots of fun doing that! lol After we did all the books (there were quite a few) the three of us worked on filling the goody bags for the summer reading program, which starts next month. I think we got at least 3-400 done before Mom got there to pick me up at 4. :) Nothing very significant happened that I can recall (other than Mrs. Ida finding a book among the ones they're getting rid of that had several cuss words in it [boy were we glad it's not in the children's section anymore!]), but I did mentally make notes of which days I am NOT going to go to the library during all the summer reading program specials....especially the day they're going to have a snake!!! lol During June, they're going to have a special program every Wednesday for the reading program, and at one thing they'll have birds, another they'll have snakes, I think there's also going to be a magic show, and one other special in June I'll probably be working on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays, which is good because I didn't get the dishes done yesterday! :)
Oh! On Monday when Mom, Dad and I went to the library, we looked at the free books they had (they always have a cart of books they are getting rid of that people can just take) and I found two books I wanted, Mom found a book for Moriah (about, what else: horses), and we also found two books for Jeremy about wars, but it turned out they were the romance type, and, being the true guy that he is, he decided they were "boring" and gave them to me. :D They look very interesting.....I don't know when I'll get to read them though! lol Then yesterday, I made Mom let me look again, and I found two more books that interested me. :D Now I really have to reorganize my bookshelf! :)


  1. I ddn't know they had gotten the 3rd Anne of Green Gables movie in! next time we go I'm going to ask mom if we can get it!

  2. Sounds like you had a ton of fun! :D Isn't it fun work? :D

    Oh, AOGG 3? :) hee hee...I hated that movie. lol. It doesn't stay true to any of the books, just to warn you. :)