Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Karah and Daddy

Hm, now let me see if I can catch up on all that we've done in the past two days! lol On Monday, (Memorial Day), we pretty much just relaxed in the morning, then Daddy worked on the computer in the afternoon, the other kids.....well, I don't know what they did :), and I cut up all the vegetables that Mom had bought, as well as some strawberries, and our first watermelon for this year! :D It was SOOOOOO good!!! The first 8th of the watermelon, only 3 little pieces went into the bowl, because Karah, Judah and I kept eating it as I cut it. :D (We cut it into little squares so it's easier to eat) After I finished cutting everything up (I love cutting veggies and fruits :) ), we had dinner, and I *think* we watched a movie...I can't remember.....OH! Friday night and Sunday afternoon, we kids watched Fiddler on the Roof! :) I saw it when I was getting my books, so I got it, and we finally got to see it. :) Sarah and I were the main ones who watched it.....Jeremy actually was somewhat interested in it, mainly because of the soldiers. (of course) Anyhow, yesterday, we didn't do anything worth mentioning, other than Jeremy had another game last night. (you can pretty much guess whether they won or lost......) This morning, I ended up having to iron my dress because Sarah (I know she meant well, but I just do not like having anyone else do my laundry...) had washed it and a few of my other outfits along with her things, and left it at the bottom of her basket for over a day so it was very wrinkled. *grimaces* I don't mind ironing, in fact it's one of my favorite chores (don't ask why...) but I *don't* like the reason I had to iron. After I got done ironing my dress, and had changed, I did the dishes (which I was supposed to do yesterday, but I forgot that it was Tuesday, so didn't do them then), and while I was doing them, a friend of ours, David Wiley, came over with some food that he and his wife had for us. :) He and Kristina (his wife) just became the youth pastors at a church here in Rocky Mount, so we've been in touch a lot more since we moved up here. (We knew them from the church we went to in Goldsboro) Mom and Dad chatted with him for a little while, then after he left, we had lunch, and Mom took me to the library to work, and while I started shelving, she and Karah looked at some of the books. This time, it was a little tougher doing the shelving, since I did the Jfiction and non-fiction, as well as young adult stuff, DVDs, and cd-Roms (I didn't even know they had those!) I love the books that are in the Juvenile Fiction and non-fiction, but the lady who shelves them (not one of the ladies I work with) does NOT know what she's doing. :( I spent more time re-shelving books that she did, than I did shelving the books on my cart! I found several books that I want to borrow..... :D I knew that would happen! Especially some cooking books that I saw....they have some really good books over there! And when Mom came to pick me up she found a really good series (or what appears to be good) of books that I really want to borrow.....I think I should stick to shelving the Easy Readers. ;) Today, I worked with Mrs. Nancy again (she is very chatty! :) Which is nice.....especially when I was putting the summer reading program bags together), and since Mrs. Ida is away on vacation, Mrs. Linda (not the Mrs. Linda from church) was working today. :) She's very nice.....all four of the ladies are! :) And, Abi you'll like this, when Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Linda saw my dress, they both commented that it looked very nice, and Mrs. Nancy actually asked me where I'd bought it! lol :D They were very impressed when I told them that my friend had made it, and were very happy to know that young ladies are still interested in sewing, and crafts like it. :) So theres a compliment (er, two lol) for you Abi! :) And your Mom..... :)
Well, here are a few pictures from the past weekend.....the first three are of (who else?! ;)) Karah.....she was begging me to take pictures, so after I fixed her hair in pigtails, we went outside for pictures. :)

And this last one is from Monday evening.....Every day of the week, Daddy has specific days set aside for spending 30 minutes of one-on-one time with us kids, and since he didn't havev a chance to do my time on my day (Sunday), we did it Monday evening, after Karah's turn. :) I really had no idea what I wanted to do (normally we challenge each other to a game of Clue, since we both love it, but I'm getting extremely tired of that...) so, since I was knitting when he said it was my turn, I got mischievious (*evil cackle*) and decided I would teach him how to knit. :D I tried teaching him how to crochet about 2 years ago (don't ask......disastrous is the best way to describe it!! lol In case you're wondering, he has yet to make anything.....) but I hadn't yet taught him how to knit........all we're guaranteed is "now", so I decided, why put off to tomorrow what you can do today? ;) Welll.......the lesson only lasted about 5 minutes, and he learned how to hold the needles and yarn, and didn't quite learn how to cast on. Hehe...his commentary (speaking to himself) as he worked at it, was very funny....I wish I could remember exactly what he said! After trying unsuccessfully to cast on at least an enornmous 3 tries, I finally decided to be kind, and stop the knitting lesson. :) Jokingly, he said, "Maybe I should make you learn computer programming!" And that reminded me that I have been wanting to learn the basics of HTML, so I got a 1 hour lesson (extensive lesson....since it has to do with computers! lol) which was very interesting. I did learn a lot, and plan on going through Daddy's book later on this week, when I have some time. :) But's a picture Moriah quickly snapped while I was teaching him to knit. :D

I'll post again tomorrow!


  1. ACK! You watched "Fiddler on the Roof"!!!! I'm sooo proud of you. LOL! How'd you like it? Who did you like best? What songs did you like best? :D I love Chava, Hodel, and Tevye. :D I'll write more about my favorites in my letter to you...I'm writing it to you now...(the letter I mean.)
    Aha! Now you can sympathize more easily with me!!! Don't you just HATE it when people put books in the wrong place? Argh! Drives me nuts! Then I have to go back and shelve-check all the time. *rolls eyes* I love putting away the little children's books. :D The ones by Steven Kellog are da best. :D And the "Tacky the Penguin" books by someone who's last name is Lester. Hee hee...I can only remember the last name because we shelve by letter of last names. Um...lemme see...the Carl the dog books are sooo cute...
    Okay...I'm being weird, I know...I'm recommending kid books! lol. I just love 'em though.
    That's neat how you each spend time with your dad! Wow! Teaching your dad to knit?! My dad wouldn't even think of consenting to a lesson! lol. Did you learn alot during the computer lesson? :D
    Those pictures of Karah were adorable!
    Keep updating about library's so much fun finally having a friend who does library work too! We can relate even more now. lol. (I'm tellin' ya, we're too much alike...great minds think alike!)

  2. Lol! Yeah, I love shelving the little children's books too! :D I love doing the Curious George ones....and the Madeline books. :) Oh, and the Kellogg books too! And Dr. Seuss.....I could go on for awhile! lol The baby books (board books) are the easiest though....we don't even alphabetize them....they just go on the windowsill in whatever order will get them to all fit! :)
    Sarah and I LOVED Fiddler on the Roof! :D I loved the dream that Golde was soooo creepy, but good! :D My favorite characters....Hodel, Chava, Golde and Tevye. :) ooh, I can't wait to get your letter! :D
    Yeah, I learned a LOT during my computer lesson. :) It's really neat to see how websites are put together, and all that...:)
    Yep, we both are a LOT alike! lol :D

  3. We do the same with our board books...except they go on this little bookcase we have.
    Our other kid books aren't exactly put in author-wise. All the books by an author who's last name starts with 'A' goes in the 'A' section, etc. Other than that we don't put them Aaron, Abe, Acent, etc. :D